A map of trillium —

A chapter of violets —

A page of honeysuckle —

—  Stories filled with stars that rain luscious lavender —

Dew drops and honey on the early morning path —

Photographs of red roses, romance and Rachmaninoff —

—  Moon that hums in B Flat.. Leo who roars in Renoir red and in Monet’s pastel blue, at times lusty, at other times meditative, mellow —

Justice tries to tip her scales in favor of the many, not the few —

But Libra is lost —

The map of forest trillium has become a map of fire scorched stumps. For how long?

Where are the chapters of violets and shining stars?

Instead pages burned to ash in ovens of greed —

Stardust will prevail. The stuff of which we’re made. And we’ll again draw maps of mandolin music, write books of plentiful falling water, and walk on paths surrounded by compassion.

M. Raynes


Partial Dossier on Chronos – aka – Time

Attention: Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine..

Here is the information i’ve collected on Chronos.. his known likes, dislikes, possible hideout locations. If you have further questions, please call 0765-4455338. Enclosed is a special phone to be used specifically for phone calls to myself on Saturn.

— Chronos is known to take extended vacations in San Diego. (He likes its ideal climate.)  And surprisingly, he enjoys trips to Bozeman, MT in the middle of winter in spite of the cold. The skiing is excellent. Time enjoys variety.  So if i were you, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine, i would begin the search in those two places. It could be winter or summer tomorrow, who knows, because Time is slacking off on the job.  We need him back!

— Chronos enjoys going to a movie now and then. Search the theaters. He especially likes the romantic comedies. I know, one would think he has better taste, alas.  I should add that he loves the Bourne films with Matt Damon, though those are long out of theaters. But who knows, perhaps he has Dish Network wherever he is?  Check their records and those of the cable companies. I digress… anyway, like i said, check the cineplexes and small drive-ins.

— Chronos loves home cooking. His favorite dish of all is pot roast with lots of gravy and mashed potatoes. Believe it or not, he’s a pretty good cook. I know, i’ve sampled his efforts on several occasions. He’s pretty much a meat and potatoes guy. There must be family style diners in San Diego and Bozeman. You know what to do!  He also loves Thai food. I’ve given you an ample food budget for your detective trips. But try to be frugal. Go easy on those gin martinis you love so much.

— Also, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine.. Chronos is quite a womanizer, but you are probably aware of this. He has a weakness for tall brunettes with blue eyes. They have to be intelligent, have a knowledge of Fine Art, world politics and love to read. So check the personals and the online dating sites! There is likely a wealth of useful stuff there. Maybe?

— I’ve sent you $12,000 to start.  Keep me posted, and i’ll add to this dossier as time (Time) goes on. If we’re lucky, we’ll find him soon. It’s difficult for us to do our job as long as Chronos is missing. He’ll need to be disciplined when he returns or is located. What is the appropriate punishment?  Yes. Believe it or not, a God can be punished. Sometimes it’s fun.  Take my word for it. Been there, done that!

Please keep me informed, Agent Triple 0 Forty Nine. I’m counting on you!

Signed, the Three Sister Fates.. Lena, Isabelle and Stephanie.  (This document compiled by Lena.)

Good Luck!

M. Raynes

A Change In Plans

I’ve just been welcomed to the moon, but something doesn’t feel right. The instructions i received by text said i was to go to Apollo’s apartment, and he and i would journey together to Neptune to find Chronos, who has been missing or lost for ages.  But.. what happened is, i opened my hall closet door and ended up in this bizarre place.  The border collie who brought me what i thought was money said plans have changed. I feel nauseated and tingly again.  I look down at the satchel i’m carrying, and glance back, but the dog has vanished.  I look at my satchel, and see it’s glowing purple. I hear a voice. It’s a man’s voice.

Go ahead, Daphne. Open the bag. It won’t bite. I promise.  There’s something special in it, meant only for you!

I look around, but i see no one. I only see the red shimmering trees, and i notice that i’m standing in lavender colored sand. I feel that opening the satchel would be like opening Pandora’s Box, or sex with my ex-husband. Great or shitty. I never knew.

In the distance i hear what sounds like ocean waves crashing on a shore. I still feel ill. What i want to do is turn around and go back where i came from. I need to lie down. I want to be back in my apartment, on my couch, drink a gin and tonic, and maybe watch an episode of How to Get Away With Murder. Or maybe an episode of Survivorman. I’d survive with Les Stroud anytime anywhere. In fact, i wish he were here right now. He’d know what to do! I’m going nuts! First i think this whole thing is a dream. Then i think it’s not……

The voice repeats, Daphne, you’re not paying attention! I said, open your bag!

Who are you?  And where am i?  I want to go home!

You can’t go home, says the voice. He sounds more creepy every time he speaks. You were led here for a reason.

I don’t like being led. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way, and you haven’t told me who or where you are. Show yourself!

Nothing but silence. I hold on tight to the satchel.  It feels empty. I reach behind me with my left hand, and i find the doorknob. Yes! This is my closet’s doorknob.  I keep my hand on it and look around. I don’t dare take my hand off.  What kind of place is this?  At first it looked beautiful.. now it looks frightening. I’m twenty five years old, and i want to call my mother.  She always tells me what i should do, what i should have done, and what i should do twenty years from now. My heart is pounding. I blink a few times. Nope. Not awake. I have to be dreaming. All at once, a jaguar lunges out from behind one of the red sparkly trees!  He says, quick, Daphne, before Mars comes back!  Open the door, and we’ll go through it together!

So i do it. I’ve no idea why.  A big cat just told me what to do.  I’ve no time to ponder that, a talking cat, but i turn the knob. The door opens easily. I fall backward. I still have the satchel. The jaguar gracefully leaps through.  The door closes automatically. I feel more than a little put out that i don’t wake up on my couch. I vow never to drink gin again, but as soon as i think it, i know it won’t last, just like my marriage.. ten months.  I brush myself off and stand up. I look around, and the magnificent jaguar has vanished. What is it with these disappearing, talking animals?  The next thing i realize, is that i’m not in my hall in my apartment. I think, what now? Will i ever wake up?  I have a nagging sensation that i won’t, that all this is real. I’m no longer holding the glowing bag. I look down, and i see a box on the floor next to my right foot. It’s a wooden box. It looks expensive and has carving on its top. It’s of a jaguar and a hunter.  I go to brush off my jeans again, but i’m not wearing jeans. I’m wearing a blue velvet gown, and there’s an adorable tabby cat purring and looking up at me like he’s seen me before. Then he winks. I feel tingly again.

I start when a woman comes up behind me and says, your highness! Just what have you been up to?  Your mother will not be pleased!  And why is your jewel box on the floor?  You are in trouble young lady! As always!  You need to be ready for dinner in a half an hour!  Apollo will be here promptly at 8.

to be continued next wednesday!

M. Raynes

Sing Together

Swan dressed in diamonds and white

Waits for her love on the river’s left bank…

Her groom dressed in black on the right bank is lost..

——        Night comes.. stars are hidden..

Storm clouds above.  She vows to swim to him before the morning. She can hear his plaintive call.

He reveals himself before light… He calls, see me! She reaches him at dawn. He cannot swim…

She will teach him.. and together they will read their stories and sing their songs…

M. Raynes

Moon Blushing

Resplendent summer

To love the intense heat leads

Its waves carry me

Silky black nighttime

He loves me.. he loves me not

I know he loves me

Moon’s embarrassment

Intensity makes her blush

She lusts for the stars

Named Bella Luna

She waits again for the night

Scorpius comes calling

Love is made all summer long

By humans, Gods, stars alike

M. Raynes


There lives a stupid king who is off his tether

He and his cronies have gone bonkers together

His crazy is out there for all to see

Yet many are in denial, except my good friends and me

Always a shitstorm, even in sunny weather

A raccoon would make a more stable king

Or a frog who can hop around and sing

This tangerine ruler loves to send out childish tweets

Everywhere he goes, he demands the best seats

His stay is way too long in the important West Wing

There are those who think he’s doing a fabulous job

But all he wants to do is plunder and rob

What is he doing that they love so much?

He only likes to golf and tweet and such

It’s hard to laugh when i feel i could sob..

M. Raynes


Dragon in sky blue

Too much power to be tamed

Fire breathing needed

She soars overhead

A goddess with talons sharp

Will not be held back

Passes power on

Vibrant voice is her weapon

Resistance her aim

M. Raynes