When will all the ridiculous reboot bullshit end? I’ve lost count of all the retooled shows. I haven’t watched a single one, and i can, of course continue to choose not to watch. No one is trying to force me, so i suppose i need not whine and moan. But does no one have any new, fresh, creative ideas for TV/movies? No one, really? I like my apples fresh, crisp and tart. Not soft, mealy and bland. I love my french bread crusty and flavorful on the outside and soft and yummy on the in. Oven heated, not microwaved!

Come on, Hollywood writers! Be creative, daring and fun. Not old hat, stale and lame!

Please? If i ask nicely?


Candice Up a Tree

Candice looks for Time in a tall pine tree

Alas, halfway up, she falls on her knee

On her second try, she makes it up all the way

She likes the view so much, she wants to stay all day

Candice finds Fate, not Time, and they share cups of tea!

Fate tells her Time lives in the fir tree next door

But Candice thinks that’s bull.. that to the story, there’s more

Fate can’t fool Candice, so she changes her tune

Time has gone back to 1975, June

After tea, Candice returns to the forest floor

Candice knows Fate put something in her drinks

She lies on the ground, and into a deep sleep she sinks

She has sweet dreams of her past lover, Jon

That from her life, he’s not forever gone

When Candice wakes, she’s playing golf and sees Jon on the links

M. Raynes