Bookshelves and wardrobes

Closets – stairs and passageways

Ladder and trellis

Mean voyages – other worlds

Our eyes are open or closed..

Old parchment pages

Magic carpet to Paris

French doors to London

Or a Dutch door to Dublin

Escalator to the stars

To Venus or Mars

Or Ursa Major – Minor

Big Bear – Little Bear

Neptune’s beach is in Boise

Venus’ chateau is in Nice

M. Raynes

The stories are endless! Back soon, and big hugs!  xx


I just don’t think i can write dark.  I thought i could/wanted to, but i was wrong.  There’s enough darkness around already, and i don’t need or want to add to it. So, fairy tales with usually happy endings it is. Chocolate is far better than liver and onions. A warm sandy beach is better than a deadly avalanche. You want dark?  Watch the news. I’m more into unicorn races on the moon. Or Venus walking her dog in the sky. Or a happy ending for Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe Norman Bates getting stabbed instead of Marion Crane. You get the idea. Don’t get me wrong.. that guy is still not my President. Not in this lifetime. But i want fun when i’m not reading about the ugly current events. And i love a great dark tale once in awhile. I just don’t want to write it myself. I like to see the bad guys get crushed.. pulverized. (I love that word, pulverized.)  So, stay tuned if you like. I’ll be back later with some fluffy fun. And.. I titled this post Thought, which implies only one thought. I’ve already talked too long, so i should go. You all have a marvelous day!



So for a very brief time.. my desire to write comes back

Then half an hour later, seems it’s my imagination i lack

Either that, or it’s unorganized thought

And i only want to read the books that at Powell’s, i bought

After thinking awhile, my ideas i sack!

I know i can write about hidden treasure

A story of lost jewels is such a pleasure

A lover’s tale of a missing sapphire ring

Or an old fashioned story of a coup and a king

I love to write about romance beyond measure

But sometimes i long to write about things not so great

About the bad side of magic, love and fate

Sometimes i want a change of pace

Life is not always champagne and lace

Maybe it’s the news and our trouble of late?

Tomorrow i might write something new to me

I guess i’ll just have to wait and see

But it will not be about only chaos and trouble

It can’t be all good though.. we don’t live in a bubble

Writing more variety will make me feel free

M. Raynes

Phoebs and Howie

Phoebe loves to wear her tulle gown of yellow

She dates Howard Mello, a really great fellow

Phoebe and Howard take walks into town

When they are together, you’ll not once see them frown

But they’re both hard of hearing, so sometimes they bellow

Phoebe loves her poodle named Essie

And her little black rabbit whose name is Jessie

Howard has planted a rose garden out back

Their house has a tin roof, just like the love shack

Home is neat as a pin.. it’s not at all messy

M. Raynes

More Time

My sweet, peaceful lair

Scrolling – clicking not allowed

Vacation for eyes

Refreshing spring break

No tropical beaches here

No sunscreen needed

Eyes open – spring bloom

Vernal colors have arrived

They are not online

Look straight ahead – up

Daffodil yellow – plum pink

Desire much more time

Barefoot in clover

To me, lovely fir fronds wave

Luscious rain on face

M. Raynes


Four days not enough, but i’ll return soon. Need more time with my head not buried in the screens. Take care! xx