Ruby Trees and Time and Dreams

For five days, i’ve wandered through this forest. For six days prior, i walked aimlessly through a desert. Not a desert of sand, but a desert of thorny rose bushes and fifteen foot tall pink tulips. The forest.. the forest is made up of pink sand. Well, really white sand mixed with tourmaline crushed to dust. And there are statues of trees. Not green statues, but tall tree sculptures made of crystal and ruby.  I can tell they’re not man made sculptures. They’ve grown up out of the sand.  There’s no water anywhere.  How is this possible?  I have plenty of water to drink, though, and a lot of energy to walk on and on. I’m just not sure how i’m getting from place to place or what i’m looking for.

Time. I think i might be looking for missing Time. Such a difficult thing to find. Is Time an entity or a living being?  It’s not palpable either way.  These ruby trees are lovely. Last night, or was that two nights ago.. i slept for hours under a ruby fir tree. When i get home, i must keep this place a secret. There’s so much greed in our world; these trees would be gone in a matter of days. This place will definitely be my secret. Same with the rose and tulip desert.  No one must know. Well, i suppose Time and Fate know. They’re here somewhere, elusive though they are. When i look up at the sky at night, and thank the Universe before i go to sleep, i see so many stars.. constellations i can’t see above the bright lights of the city.  I feel as though i’ve discovered them myself, but of course i haven’t.  One is shaped like a flamingo. Another like a zebra. It even has stripes. There’s another that reminds me of a giant poodle. That’s when i wonder if maybe i’ve somehow journeyed to another planet. But i haven’t run into a single human or other creature in my travels. I repeat to myself that when get home i won’t tell a soul what i’ve seen. Who would believe me anyway?

I walk a little further, then decide i’m exhausted and need to rest. Normally i enjoy being alone, but now i find myself craving company. Maybe in my dreams i’ll see a friend? I find a gorgeous, large ruby Ponderosa Pine under which to rest. It’s delicate but sturdy. I hug it goodnight and lie down beneath it. I reach out to feel a feather light but warm blanket. It’s the color of spring daffodils. Where did it come from?  I long to find out why i’m here and how i got here. There must be a rhyme and reason.

I drift away into a peaceful sleep. But awhile later, i awaken to a whispered voice. I look to my left and see a leopard resting beside me. I’m not afraid. He says, Norah, let me tell you why you’re here. I’ve been sent to keep you safe and help you in your quest. For now, you need to rest so you’ll be prepared. Remember that i’m beside you. …

To be continued..

M. Raynes


Time Unorganized

Time has run away and is hiding in Missoula

He’s met a hot woman there whose name is Tallulah

He’s been a long time missing

Because of the woman he’s been kissing

Tullulah’s also busy teaching Chronos the hula

Eris is creating chaos far away in Vancouver

Up there, she’s quite a shaker and a mover

Eris is sort of in love with Time

But she’s also moody and can turn on a dime

Eris is causing trouble for poor Gerry Hoover

The three Sister Fates are hiding out in Fargo

But it’s cold up there, so they’re heading to Key Largo

Time and Fate are therefore all wrong

Fate’s coming up short, and Time is too long

All this has caused a red wine embargo

M. Raynes


Sky Anticipates

The lateness of light

Sky peaches then lavenders

Peach an action word

Sky senses summer

Tingles – anticipation

Feels increasing sun

Solstice almost home

Its hike has been many miles

Spring rains quench its thirst

Clouds change their costumes

From cirrus to cumulus

Move the trees to act

Or sometimes to meditate

To be still and zen

Or to wave to us

M. Raynes


A Big Kissy

How about a big kissy?

A big kissy with lots of tongue?

I only ate that onion and garlic pizza because it’s healthy.  Lots of blue cheese.. one whole white onion and the garlic of four bulbs, roasted.

I know, i forgot my floss. I usually keep some in my purse for just these occasions. You know, for when i want to be generous with my big kissies.

Plus.. just so you know, i need to eat lots of garlic to keep the vampires away. Doesn’t work with the werewolves though. In fact, i keep a lot of garlic hanging in those net things around my bedroom. I’m pretty certain you’ll see my bedroom soon.  You’ll love my big kissies even though they’re stinky.  I have a really sexy way with my tongue. You won’t be able to resist it. I can tell you’re that kind of guy!

Sometimes i forget to brush my teeth, but don’t let that turn you off. The rest of me is super hot. Wait!  You’re not a vampire are you?  I guess i’ll be able to tell when i give you that big, juicy kissy. If you’re repelled, i’ll know you’re a vampire.

Anyhow, how about that kissy now?  I’m not the most patient person, you know. How about that kissy and my hot breath on your neck before i take you home?

M. Raynes


Where Is Time?

Places where missing Time might be found…

Under a bed. Make sure people look underneath their beds before they retire for the night. (Just like they look for spiders because they don’t want one crawling under the covers with them overnight.)  Don’t believe them if they deny it. They know they check, even if they’re over thirty.

In peoples’ gardens. Time loves flowers.. especially tulips.. and has been known to tiptoe through them on occasion.

Anywhere around Portland, OR. He loves rain and he loves Voodoo Doughnut. Also, he might be disguised as a bookseller at Powell’s, so look there.

He just might be found on one’s couch when he thinks one is not at home. He has a Netflix addiction, and especially enjoys the shows Daredevil and Arrow. (Yes. Chronos has a thing for superheroes.)

……. This is only some of the information compiled in a dossier on Chronos, aka, Time. It’s especially for you, Agent 27. I’ve made an effort to be brief here with this first page, but there is more information coming your way.  Time must be found/recovered as soon as possible. He’s been gone too long, and we are all in chaos. This was supposed to be a brief vacation on his part, because he informed Venus he was burned out. After all, he’s been at his job since the beginning of time, and time is long. But now we fear he’s walked off the job for good. That cannot be permitted. So, this is for you, and tomorrow you’ll receive another folder by special delivery. It will contain more inside information on Chronos himself.. and his habits.. good and bad.


Neptune, June 58th, 2017

M. Raynes



Run on – comma splice

Split infinitive – then end

Sentence diagrams

Life is all these things

Sometimes in many fragments

One word or twenty

In yeses, noes or maybes

In possibles and stories –

Thousands – opportunities

Accept and try and create –

M. Raynes



Colon and semi-colon argue

But a period intervenes

Pacific waves gulp some sand

But foam kisses one’s toes

Gin tingles in throat

But wine dances

Roses bloom

Rains cleanse


…………. Pause and again

…………. Make mistakes, learn and grow

…………..Comma, and again

M. Raynes