Harmonia and the Third Amethyst

Agent Seckcee! Agent Seckcee, please wake up!

I roll over on to my right side and struggle to open my eyes. My brain feels like it’s split in two and trying to exit my head through my ears. What the hell happened to me? Oh yes. I remember. Eris, the wild night on Fate’s couch, the storm winds, the couch flying away, then my fall into the sea. This is worse than any hangover i’ve ever had.

I open one eye and see a pair of beautiful female feet, and a gold and amethyst ring on the left foot’s big toe. I open my other eye and take in the full view. I’m lying in warm black sand. It feels good. Well, relatively good. Just give me a couple Bloody Marys and i’ll be at one hundred percent. I sit up, count to ten, then hoist myself into a stand. I feel like i have to hold my head on. The woman with the toe ring puts her hands on my shoulders to steady me.

I say, thank you. Then i notice how gorgeous she is. She’s a couple inches taller than me, has long dark hair and big brown eyes. She can’t hide her expression behind her round wire rimmed glasses. Her eyes are laughing at me, i think. Then it occurs to me that she called me by my name. Agent Seckcee. And then.. i’m still trying to get my head together, you see.. I look around and notice we’re on a beach. It’s a huge black sand beach. The tide is going out. I look behind me, expecting to see palm trees, but i see.. tulips. They’re giant pink and yellow ones; i’d say around twenty feet tall. The blooms are about two feet around. They glow in the bright sun. There’s that feeling in my head again. How did i end up in this bizarre place? Oh, right, Lena must have sent me here.

The woman with the toe ring and sexy glasses says, Agent Seckcee, are you ready to talk yet? We can walk and talk at the same time if you’re up to it. I assume you’re aware that Lena sent you here?

I say, yeah i get it. She must be pretty pissed. And i take it she told you about me. Wait, you are… ?

I’m Harmonia. Eris’ cousin. And yes, Lena knows about you and Discord.. that’s my preferred name for my wayward, trouble making cousin.. and what you did on her couch. Really, Agent Seckcee, did you think you could keep your dealings a secret from Fate forever? And from what she told me, you and Discord were like a couple of wild rabbits.

I apologize and tell Harmonia i’m embarrassed. And i think to myself, i truly am ashamed. Not of the sex exactly, but that i fell in with the wrong side. I could be more discerning when it comes to choosing sex partners, after all.

She says, well, Dominic.. may i call you Dominic?

I nod.

You’re trying to make amends with the wrong Goddess. You need to patch things up with Lena, but you only can if you’re sincere, and i’m not sure you are. I think you’re sorry you got caught.

I really feel i want to make it up to Lena. Then i say, maybe something happened to my head? How long was i unconscious at sea? How did i survive?

It’s like this, Dominic. You’re not a human and Lena and i know it. Venus knows it too. So does Farley Friday. Yet Discord and Fraser Friday are in the dark. How did you manage that? It’s difficult for even us Goddesses to tell where your loyalties lie. That’s one of the reasons you’re here on Tulip Atoll. Lena wanted you to survive, so, here you are. You’re a witch, but not so powerful Fate doesn’t have a say. You’re to stay here with me for one week. I’m to assess whether or not you can be trusted for real. Oh, and by the way, you were only at sea for fifty minutes.. not hours or days.

I feel like i’ve been lost for months, Harmonia.

Well, perhaps you’ve been figuratively lost, that’s why you ended up entangled with Discord. I’m going to run some tests on you all week. We’ll be staying at Stephanie’s Atoll retreat. It’s this way.

Harmonia leads me through a copse of yellow tulips, and then i see it. It’s a yellow three story mansard roofed house. It’s large, but quaint at the same time, and it’s surrounded by tall cherry trees in full blossom. What an interesting place to stay, i think, but i don’t say. I look down at her left foot and see the amethyst ring. This must be the Third Amethyst. I would love to take possession of it. Then it occurs to me. I’m feeling better every minute. My splitting headache is going away. I’m getting my strength back! I’m feeling more like my secret double agent self, but i need to remember to be careful. I have to get back into Fate’s good graces and win over Harmonia. I wonder how i can get in touch with Eris…

To Be Continued Soon

M. Raynes

PS.. What has become of Marguerite, aka, Agent 38? Where is Lacey, Lena’s cat? What has become of Eris and where is Fate’s orange velvet couch? It was last seen flying east to who knows where! Find out in the next episode!


New Place

Good evening! Just letting you know that i’ve started writing at my second wordpress site. It’s been floating around out there in ‘space’ for well over a year, and i finally figured out what to do with it. I’m going to write about books i read and love, films i love and write more stories, (but different kinds of stories than i write here.) I love to talk and think, and i need another creative outlet! 😀 So, here it is. The address is formerdirtyblonde.wordpress.com! Do i hear celebratory noise makers? Snort. Just kiddin’.

I’ll still write here! Not going anywhere. This will be like having a duplex, or something like that.

See you soon back here too!



Words, pages, chapters –

Assigned reading to complete –

New covers to crack!


I’m not taking a class. This is reading i’ve assigned to myself because i’ve fallen behind. By behind, i mean i’m not reading enough to suit me. I usually devour books, but i’ve not been doing so lately. I figure 6 days should be sufficient. Maybe more? Anyway, be back early next week!