The Disappearance

Well, here i am again.. this time i hope to stay awhile for reals.  I plan to write at least two flash fiction stories a week, maybe three.  So okay, once in awhile the stories will be over 1000 words, maybe 2000 or 3000 words.  It all depends on my mood on any given day!  Here is the first story.. titled The Disappearance.  I hope you enjoy!


A small mound of purple, sparkly dust on the front porch swing.  That was all that was left of Barry on that evening of April 25, 1988.  Connie had waited a whole year for her husband to return.  Alas, that day, he’d appeared to meet his glittery end.  But had he truly ended, or just disappeared?  Almost three decades had passed, and still no Barry.  Still, no body had been found.. just the pile of dust.  So was he dead and gone, or just gone?  Two weeks after the incident, because that was how Connie referred to it, she’d swept the dust away and heaved it in the kitchen garbage to be picked up the next day.  If that sparkly pile really was her husband, he’d met his demise at the dump.  Anyhow, Connie figured, that was an appropriate place for her Bare-Bear for deserting her the way he did.  And all because he thought he’d found God.. after a lifetime of being a devout atheist.


Three weeks before he met his Maker, or disappeared, or whatever, he’d taken to driving out to Greystone Road, just a half mile from the dump, mind you, to do a little stargazing.  No telescope, only looking at the stars to admire their beauty, and to wonder what was out there.  He’d also, to Connie’s profound disappointment, lost interest in sex.  Yes, he’d rather look at a night sky full of twinkly dots and constellations than get busy under the covers with her.  The last three nights before Barry disappeared, or croaked, or whatever, he’d come home saying he’d received messages from a being up there somewhere.  Yep.  Connie thought he’d lost his mind for sure.  Barry said he could see her in the sky.  She was svelte, had long wheat blonde hair, and wore a red silk teddy.  She gets me, he’d told her.  And she wouldn’t care whether or not i pick up my socks.  Connie thought he’d gone completely bonkers.  Did he really think that women walked around the sky dressed in lingerie?  What was he smoking while he stargazed, hmm?


She was determined to win back her husband’s attention.  She’d stopped liking him at this point, but she liked being married.  She liked the safeness of it.  And she liked the three carat pink diamond on her left hand most of all.  So Connie had marched right into Victoria’s Secret and bought a red silk teddy of her own. That final night, she was ready, and she waited, and she waited.  She popped a big bowl of popcorn, sat on the couch all teddied up and watched Rear Window.  Finally, Connie heard his car in the driveway.  He didn’t even bother to park it in the garage, which he always did.  Just left it halfway up the drive and ran into the house breathless.  Connie!  I’ve found God! ..  Oh really, Bare?  Is she the one in the red teddy?  .. No!  No, this is the real thing!  God!  You know i’ve never believed, but now i do!  I need to pack a bag and be ready by 2 am.  He’s coming to get me!  .. He and the woman in the red sex outfit?  .. No, no no!  She’s just his helper!  I need to go pack!

Enough for just three days.  Three days is all i need for clothes.  And i don’t need toothbrush and toothpaste.  After probation, they’ll give me everything i need! .. I’m speechless Barry.  And you know i’m never speechless.  So.. in the suitcase went three pairs of pants, three shirts, etc, plus three pairs of his Wile E. Coyote boxers.  (Barry considered them lucky.)  She thought he should wear Roadrunner boxers.  Things always went well for the Roadrunner.


So her Barry waited out on the porch swing until 2 am.  Nothing happened.  Connie had watched from the couch in the living room, still in the red teddy.. (Barry hadn’t noticed.) and Stuart-Kitty on her lap.  He’s completely lost it Stu.  I’m filing for divorce tomorrow.  I don’t even mind giving up my gorgeous rock.. but maybe i can keep it?  Look at him out there.  Just sitting and waiting for God to arrive.  Brown suit and shiny purple tie.  It was now 2:20, and still Barry sat staring into the air.


It wasn’t until 3:12 am that the incident happened.  Connie had given up on Barry and gone to bed. She wondered if he’d still be out there when she awoke later that morning.  But then it was bright in their bedroom.. bright with neon purple light.  Steady light so bright it stung her pupils as if she’d fallen on a pair on pointy tweezers and poked them out.  But no, her eyes were still in her head.  Stuart ran under the bed, and Connie ran downstairs.  The light was still purple, but disappeared when she opened the front door and turned on the light.  That’s when she saw it.  The purple dust, like sequins and glitter that was left right where Barry had planted the seat of his pants.  He was gone, but the suitcase remained.  Maybe he shouldn’t have packed the Wile E. boxers?  Things never did go well for Wile E.  Connie shrugged.  She would wait awhile for Barry to come back, but  not too long.  She wasn’t getting any younger.


As time when on, she’d had her Bare-Bear declared dead, and remarried.  An insurance salesman named Richie Stedman of the Harrisonville Stedmans.  She kept her pink diamond and wore it on her right hand.  She wore a bigger blue diamond on her left, a gift from her Rich.  Connie’s memory of the incident had become foggy, and she figured she’d never know what happened to Barry.  But at 3:12 that morning of April 25, 1988, if Connie had bothered to look up.. (she never bothered to look up,) she’d have seen Barry way up in the sky looking down at her, holding hands with Blondie in the red teddy, feeling rather smug.  Up in the sky is where it’s at, he’d thought.  Barry hadn’t needed his lucky boxers after all, or his purple tie.  Life was excellent indeed.

By M. Raynes



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