Texts From Neptune

That was the third text today from Neptune.  Is this the God, Neptune, or someone texting me from the planet Neptune?  Could be either considering the weird goings on in this town recently.  I’m putting my money on the God.  But how would Neptune himself have my phone number so he could send a text?  The message is harmless enough.  The same all three times.  Please meet me at the Silver Lightning at 7 pm.  I know my friends will think i’m crazy, but i’m planning to go.  It’s a public place after all.. we certainly won’t be alone.  And if he really is Neptune.. i mean, if i can’t be safe in the company of a God, then with whom can i be safe?  Know what i mean?  I should text him back and ask, how will i recognize him?  So i message him.. and he texts back.. tall.. red hair.. gray suit.. dark blue tie.  Well, okay then.  What have i got to lose?  So i put on my best little black dress and black heels, and off i go.  It’s 6:15, and this place is quite a distance away.  I definitely need some excitement!  My co-worker, Margot had a visit from a beautiful tiger last week, or so she claims.  She also claims that this tiger shifted into a gorgeous red haired man and he waits on her hand and foot.  I personally think she’s on some kind of mind altering substance.  No one else has yet seen this miracle man.  He’s all she talks about at work.  And people have been getting phone calls from other planets.. Jupiter, Venus, Mars.  But not i.  Nothing until today.

When i walk into the bar.. there are only five other people in it.  One couple to the right at a small table.. drinking some kind of red wine and eating burgers, one man drinking a Scotch at the bar, the bar tender, a petite blonde woman of about twenty five, and the man i’ve come to see sitting in the back left corner.  The man who calls himself Neptune is indeed wearing a gray suit and blue tie, and has red hair just like tiger man.  Or at least Margot said he has red hair.  But most of us at work don’t believe he exists.  Neptune nods at me, gets up and pulls out the chair across from him, so i sit. I introduce myself though he already knows my name, Lydia Harlowe. I’m mesmerized.. which i can tell by his expression he knows. He has magnificent violet eyes, like Liz Taylor. Amazing, hypnotic eyes. He’s drinking a martini, but he orders me a gin cassis. How does he know?  Well, he is a God after all, or thinks he is.

We talk about books for awhile. His favorite novel is The Stranger. I say that’s too short a book for me. My favorite novel is Anna Karenina. As we talk, his eyes turn a deeper violet. I order another gin cassis and think I’m seriously infatuated. The couple sitting on the right has left the bar. Scotch drinker is still at the bar, and the bar tender has returned. Not sure where she was. My second drink seemed to magically appear. Scotch drinker and blonde bartender are not taking their eyes off us. They seem as fascinated by Neptune as I am. Or is it something besides fascination?  I admit it feels a little odd, but the staring doesn’t seem to faze Neptune at all. He reaches into a pocket in his jacket and pulls out a folded piece of paper.. white with elegant handwriting in purple ink. It’s a job offer.. from Venus. She’s heard I’m bored with my job and wants me to be her personal assistant. But it would mean moving.. to the moon.. He stands and reaches for my hand and says, let me show you..

You’re taking me to the moon?!

Yes.. Right now. It’s come as you are.

To be continued..

By M. Raynes


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