An Evening Swim

I have my Harper’s Magazine, my favorite reading chair, my sweet Pomeranian, Timmy beside me and banana cake almost ready to come out of the oven. I love ordinary days! And I’m in the mood for an ordinary night after the day I had. I’m a server at Overton Street Cafe, not a fancy restaurant, but it suits me. I’ve worked there for six years. It’s close to my apartment, I get paid very well, and best of all, the customers are wonderful. Not every server gets to say that.. trust me. I don’t even mind serving a table of ten, including four kids under the age of seven. That’s what happened today. But my job means being on my feet a lot! I savor my breaks when I get them. I’ve been trying to quit smoking, but haven’t been able to do so for good. I make it about four days at the most without cigs. I’ll get there though. I guess what I’m trying to say is.. I love my life. The plainness of it all. I’m single and happy about it. But my girlfriends don’t believe me and are constantly trying to set me up with single men they know. And some of these guys.. know what I mean? If they’re what’s out there, then single I’ll stay.

But I have to tell you, trying to get to the point here.. that a lot of weird things have been happening in this apartment building lately, or actually for about a year now. Personally, I think a lot of the residents are nuts. Rumors of tigers turning into sexy men, mirrors that are really secret passageways that take people to the moon, trees that jump fences. Really bizarre stuff. I think these people are missing something in their lives. I’m just going to sit here with Timmy, watch some Doctor Who on the Netflix, rest my tired feet, and go downstairs for a swim later. I think I’ll trade the Harper’s for Elle though. I feel like looking at some gorgeous clothes and dreaming. Or, come to think of it, I want to go for that swim now.. or as soon as the bread comes out and I turn the oven off.

I change and head down to the first floor to the pool. I could take the stairs, but I live on twelve. I want to save my energy for my swim. Maybe when I quit smoking, I won’t take the elevator so often.

The light in here is beautiful tonight. It glows like moonlight. I dive in and do a half a dozen laps. Then I can’t believe my eyes. It can’t be. The light is dim, and I can’t tell for certain.. wait, yes I can. There’s a tiger swimming at the other end of the pool. Nope. I’ve been hearing too much about tigers. It’s a person. A big person with fur and stripes. But then the big stripey, furry person surfaces right beside me. I start a little. He’s a gorgeous, tall, red haired man. His eyes are the deepest violet. He’s Greek God amazing. He smiles at me and says, Hi, I’m Leander, but you can call me Luke. I have a hard time speaking, but I manage.. hello, I’m Helen. And right there and then I know I’m finished with the ordinary. I know I’ll no longer be single. I’m in love, or at least profoundly in lust. I think I’ll invite him up for banana cake. Am I that kind of girl? Yes. Yes I am.

By M. Raynes


3 thoughts on “An Evening Swim

  1. You have a very interesting mind. And I love how you mix in all sorts of unexpected things, images, and Greek mythology. Very refreshing. I did a piece a while ago about Leda and the swan legend, but it was (intentionally) morose and tragic. But fun to write. I am now a devoted follower.

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