Trickster, Callisto and the Ring 

I’ve been walking among the stars with Trickster for about forty minutes, at least according to my watch. I texted my friend, Tracy, to tell her that I’m gone for awhile. No idea where I’m going, and could she check on Sasha in the morning? Tracy has a spare key to my apartment. I’m a little pissed off that I’m walking around in space, and I tell Trickster so. I say, you tricked me into coming here with you.. explain yourself!He says, well, would you have come here with me if I hadn’t fooled you? … Of course not. I was comfortable in my recliner with my TV, some wine and my kitty. I thought I was going somewhere with a good friend. … And he says, well first of all, I’m the Trickster, so I was doing my job. And second of all, I’m Trickster in the form of coyote, but I’m a female and my name is Verity. That’s what you can call me. The name means Truth, truth is your friend and I am your friend. Is that a sufficient explanation? .. And I think, that doesn’t even begin to cover it, buddy. And why have i always thought of Trickster as male?  I know I’m going to wake up in my chair at home any minute now and laugh my butt off at this inane dream… Verity says, we’re almost there. Just around this next star. That’s when I laugh out loud. … And what do you find so amusing, Miss Madeleine?  There’s a party tonight on Callisto, and Venus told me to get you here the best way I know how, and you know what that means. … By tricking me? … Of course. And when Venus wants something to happen.. it happens. One way or another. Well here we are! Verity directs my gaze to the right, and I can’t believe my eyes. I want to wake up, but I can’t. It’s an enormous building made of glass. It looks like a castle, with a tower on each end. On the second floor of this building, it looks like the party of the century is taking place. It appears to be black tie. The women are wearing different versions of the little black dress. There are purple strobe lights and a humongous disco ball on the ceiling. Everyone is dancing like crazy. KC is telling us to do a little dance.. make a little love.. get down tonight! I look at Verity and say I think I’m more than a little underdressed. And she says not to worry. Venus wants me to meet the other goddesses. … The other goddesses? … I can’t tell you about that yet. That’s up to Venus herself. Do you have your locket with you? I say yes, and she tells me to put it on. Then she says, There’s a gold chain around my neck with a ring attached. Remove the chain, take the ring off, and slip it in your right index finger. It will fit you perfectly. The ring is spectacular. It’s gorgeous gold with a large cabochon emerald in it. I know my gemstones, and this one must be at least four carats. She says, with that ring, you can go anywhere in the Universe any time you wish. Now, let’s go to the party!

And right then I wake up. I’m home. I’m in my comfy chair, empty wine glass on the end table next to me. It’s pitch black outside. There’s an episode of Warehouse 13 on the TV. And I laugh out loud again. Wow, Sasha. I tell her that was some dream I had. Can’t wait to tell Doro and Tracy all about that one! I go to get up, but my feet feel sore. And I have way too bad a hangover for having had just one glass of wine. How odd. I fall back in my chair and feel slightly dizzy. I look over at Sasha who’s watching me from her perch next to the window. I swear she winks at me. Then my heart skips a beat and I look down at my right hand. That’s when I see the magnificent gold and emerald ring…. and I swear that it winks at me too….

By M. Raynes


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