Banished By Venus

I’ve been exiled from my home just for throwing that apple. I know. I can’t believe it either. She has a lot of nerve, that goddess. I was made to cause chaos. It’s my calling. So I’m being escorted from the moon by the Jaguar, Balzac. He was, just a short time ago, a mortal feline, but Venus adores cats, especially this one.. so she made Balzac a god. Now he has increased wisdom, strength and an enhanced sense of justice. He’s more intelligent than humans now, though I think cats are superior to humans any day of the week.. gods or not. Balzac is here to make sure I walk down those stairs and pass through the mirror door. My home will now be, for an undetermined amount of time, an apartment in, and get this, an apartment complex for humans. Venus said I asked for it. And she said I could have it much worse, and I suppose this is true. She knows it’s my instinct to cause trouble, so she was a little more lenient than she could have been. I’ll be in apartment #326. Close to the bottom, but that’s what I get for pissing off Her Highness and ruining a royal wedding. Balzac isn’t saying much. I’m trying to initiate conversation, but he’ll have none of it. I think he’s pretty angry with me too. But I had to throw the apple. I’m kind of a jealous goddess. We’re not perfect, you know.  I’ve never been down here before. Balzac has to show me the way, so on we walk among the stars. He says we’re almost there.. only around the next block. Venus said this building has all the amenities.. that there’s a waiting list to get in, and that I might even like it down here. Ha!  Chances of that are slim to none. But I checked their Facebook page, and the reviews are good.

Balzac gives me a steely stare. Well, here we are, and down you go. I look at him and think maybe I can plead my case and that he’ll have some sympathy, but his intent, determined look doesn’t change. Though he’s a god, he still works for Venus. What she says goes. And this is where I have to be until I learn to behave myself. This might be my own dirty secret, but I’m not planning to change. I enjoy causing trouble. It’s my dream job. Now I’ll just have to do it down here. This will be fun. And I think Balzac knows what I’m thinking. He sits at the top of the stairs and says, well, goodbye Discordia. Maybe if you at least try to be good, Venus will let you visit us every once in awhile. And I say, oh sweet Balzac, you don’t sound very hopeful. I see that smirk of yours. I scratch his chin and give him a kiss goodbye. I realize he’s not going back until i’m through the door. I have my satchel with the things I was allowed to bring. I need to go shopping soon for some practical clothes. Gowns are inappropriate for everyday apartment life.

So with one last glance back at Balzac and the stars, I pass through the mirror door. Then I take the elevator down to the third floor and #326, my new home. I use the silver key Venus gave me to open the door. I’m actually a little nervous, but this apartment is beautiful. Very Art Deco.. my favorite. I’m a little tired after the long walk here. I need my beauty sleep. I’ll unpack in the morning. Mission #1 for tomorrow, begin my investigation into the disappearance of Fortuna. And #2, find a relationship to break up. There must be at least one couple in this building who’s unhappy. I know this sounds callous, but remember I said.. I have no plans to behave. Trouble making is my job, and I enjoy it immensely…

By M. Raynes


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