Norah and a Raven Named Nathaniel

When I left you last, lovely listeners, I told you how the wicked Hecate sent me from 2016, Portland, OR. to 1692, Salem, Massachusetts Colony. I ate some kind of tricky chicken Caesar salad, or pehaps the Pepsi I drank was poisoned? Then, if you recall, i had to use the ladies’ room, but the goddess of witchcraft sent me to some kind of time travel tardis type place instead. A raven tried to warn me, sort of, but of course I paid no heed. Now here I am. I’m running through the woods with a strange man who told me I’d be safe with him. Still no idea whether or not I’m safe, but this is better than sitting in a meeting house and being found guilty of being a witch. Definitely the wrong place at the wrong time! Or I guess Hecate would say the right place at the right time, for reasons that so far, only she knows.

I feel like I’ve run at least three miles when stranger man says, well, here we are. Where we are is a very modest clapboard house in the middle of the woods. I hear a creek flowing close by. I ask if this is his home, and he says no… I live in the trees around it. But we can go in for a minute. I know how to open the door. It’s pretty cold out here. … I burst out laughing. You live in the trees, do you?  And I think.. great.. I left a very dangerous place, but I left with a crazy man. .. He gives me a raised eyebrow and a big grin. … Yup. He’s nuts. And he says, we’ll be warmer when we get our feathers on. Okay. That’s it. I laugh so hard I snort.  That’s when he says, I’ll find this as amusing as you do when we’re safely out of here. And this is when I realize he doesn’t talk like a Puritan, or at least how I always envisioned they talked. He says.. I too am from to the future. And I knew you were coming. Hecate has been on the loose and creating all kinds of havoc for awhile. The raven you saw on your way here, before you passed through the door.. he’s my friend. … Of course he is. Now I’m not laughing. I’m frightened and feeling queasy again. And I feel a strong wave of homesickness.

But since I seem to be stuck with strange guy who lives in the trees and says he’s from the future.. I calm down and try to figure out what’s going on. Plus.. he knows about the raven, Hecate, and weird tardis reading room.  Maybe he really knows a way out of here and back to the future. Though I don’t see a Delorean anywhere. .. He says, well, first I should introduce myself. After all, we’ll be flying together. … I resist the urge to laugh again. … I’m Nathaniel Williams, and you have a pendant around your neck. It’s alexandrite and pink diamonds. That’s what Hecate wanted. It has powers she wants, and powers that you have that you’ve been unaware of all these years. .. And now I believe him. He’s telling me the truth, otherwise how could he know all these things?  But I still don’t understand why he says he lives in the trees and why we’ll have feathers.  And I say so.

So he says.. take your pendant out from under your robe.. clutch the stones tightly with your left hand. At the same time, he removes an Alexandrite stone clipped to his collar .. And I ask him.. why couldn’t Hecate steal the pendant?  She had me locked in that room and out cold. … Because she couldn’t get in. Galileo, the raven, prevented it. He’s more powerful than she is, but she doesn’t know it. She’s very angry. No idea what chaos she’ll create now… Close your eyes, clutch the stones, and count slowly to ten with me. So I do. And we both become ravens with wings. No need for a Delorean or Tardis after all. Not when we can fly on our own.  That’s what we do. We take off together. Back home to 2016.  I know what you’re thinking. I know. I can’t believe it either….

By M. Raynes


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