Antique Magic

I believe in magic. I have since I was a small child. One would think such a belief would disappear by my age of thirty six, but no, it hasn’t. It’s a feeling that resides deep in my heart. I’ve not yet become jaded. Not even after three failed marriages. My first marriage never should have happened. My parents tried to warn me. But who, when she’s nineteen, listens to her parents?  So my marriage to awful Darko.. yes, that was his name, lasted seven months. My second.. to a mechanic who I thought was perfect at the time, left me after a year and a half for a seventeen year old girl. Yes, I know. My third.. well, I left him.  I was the one who cheated. Maybe I’ll elaborate on that sometime, or not. I guess this is my roundabout way of saying, ’cause sometimes it takes me awhile to get to the point, that I believe that some objects are magical. People can be good, but not magical. After all, we’re only human.  Anyway, I believe that my luck will change. Someday I’ll find the magic. And right now, I’m wandering around one of the most magical places I know of, Merle’s This n That Antiques and Collectibles.  If only I could move in. Or at the very least, spend a night sometime when it’s closed for everyone but me.  I’ve been in here so many times, but every single time, there are new to me treasures to discover. And today i see from the corner of my eye, a bright silver and blue scent bottle. About six inches tall. I get closer and realize the blue is lapis lazuli. It’s sort of hidden in the back of a glass case at the back of the shop.  Not sure why Merle has such a magnificent object in such an obscure spot.  I ask him to take it out for me.

He smiles and says sure, but he hesitates a little. … I’ve had this bottle for at least twenty five years. The last person to purchase it way back when brought it back here after three days saying It’s cursed. … Cursed?  I’ve never noticed it in all the years I’ve come in here. . …  It’s been in this same spot in this case for years. I take it out once in awhile to dust it, but that’s it. … It’s beautiful!  I notice that the silver is inlaid with two lapis lazuli swans and the blue moon and stars above them. Very romantic. The cap is silver in an oval shape and inlaid with some kind of gem. Merle says it’s moonstone. I tell him I want it. That it’s definitely magical. .. You’re not worried that it’s cursed? … No, of course not. How could such a lovely thing bring bad luck? … Well then.. tell you what. Since you’re such a loyal customer, Elise, and this bottle has been here so long.. I’ll let you have it for sixty dollars. … Sixty dollars?  Merle, it’s worth way more than that! … It’s not a big deal.  I want to get rid of it. You love it, and it’ll have a good home with you. … I don’t hesitate and hand over sixty. As I turn to walk out, Merle says.. Oh the guy who brought it back that time said that the person who buys it would be better off not opening it. I just wave, smile to myself and think.. not open it?  Of course I’m going to open it!  I can feel the magic and my luck changing already!

Now what I need is some lunch. Buying great antiques makes me hungry. There’s a deli about a mile down the road that people say is fabulous. I’ve even heard the food is magical. All the better. A magic bottle and a magic meal to go with.  I walk to burn off some calories before I eat. When I walk in, I hear a charming little bell tinkle. And  the man behind counter says, hello there ma’am. I’m Wilkie Collins. What can I make for you?  I order a grilled Portobello burger with extra pickles and a big side of sweet potato fries. The bottle is in a transparent package and I see it glow not blue, but purple. On and off three times. Oh it’s definitely magic. Wilkie goes to make my burger, I sit down to wait, and I take the bottle out and open it….

By M. Raynes


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