The Raven and the Missive

She’s been watching me from the spruce tree outside my living room window for four days. Always from the same branch.  She’s a raven, and she’s breathtaking. She leaves at night, but returns in the mornings.  It’s as if she’s trying to figure me out. Trying to decide whether or not she can trust me.  And she wears a tiny blue gem around her neck on a thin gold chain. Where does she belong?  Something tells me she belongs wherever she wants. On the morning of the fifth day, she’s out there again. This time, she’s holding an envelope in her bill. A lavender stationery sized envelope. She’s trying to get me to take it. Who am I to refuse?  It’s a command, I think. So I open the window and gently take it from her. She scrutinizes me with her lovely, intense eyes. She’s waiting for me to open and read. So, of course I oblige.

It contains a list of instructions. I’ve been given a mission. I’m needed back in 1906 England. If I look outside my door tomorrow morning at 7 am, I’ll find a package containing a dress, shoes.. all the appropriate attire I need. These items will be enough until I arrive at my destination where I’ll have a full wardrobe waiting for me. I’m to change in late evening, then I’m to be at the front of my apartment building at 11 pm. Neptune is sending a car to pick me up… A black 1970 Mercedes. I think to myself.. what if someone sees me wearing these weird clothes?  But this sounds like fun. I’ve been hoping for some excitement.. something fun to do. And none of this seems unusual to me at all. Though how my driver and I can drive back to 1906, and all the way across the Atlantic, no less, is a mystery to me. Guess I’ll find out. But I love a good mystery. I’ve heard lately about unusual, even supernatural things happening around here. I just never thought anything like this would happen to me. The missive is signed thus.. I know we can count on you, Dinah.  Can’t wait to meet you in person. Norah has been sending us nightly reports.. Norah must be the gorgeous raven.. And she’s had nothing but excellent things to say. Fondly, Venus. … Well.. the next few days will be full of new experiences. That I know for sure…

By M. Raynes


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