#826 Hyacinth Hill Apartments

What kind of moving company moves one’s belongings across town at 3 am? AC Doyle Moving and Storage, of course. A more convenient time for me would be, say, 9 am, but whatever. The waiting list to get in here seemed fifty miles long. I’m exaggerating, but not by much. I waited five months to get in here. I wanted an apartment on one of the upper floors. The building has twenty two.  I had to answer many questions on the forms, nothing too personal, but some of the questions were odd. Do I like animals? Yes. Yes I do. Love them in fact. What is my favorite period in history?  And I said late nineteenth/early twentieth century. What is my favorite kind of book to read?  I said mystery, preferably a great classic. Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rex Stout, Georges Simenon. They also asked if I have my own bookcases? And I answered yes, I have two, but they’re not enough. So anyway, I was accepted, and I’m moving in. And this apartment fits me perfectly.. even though it’s only on the eighth floor. It was a city view I wanted closer to the top. Portland, OR is a beautiful city with many bridges. But this apartment has a gorgeous set of built in bookshelves made of finished oak and carvings of sea creatures on its shelves. And there’s a full length brass mirror in my bedroom… the frame is engraved with moon, stars and evergreen trees. My bedroom walls are painted a wonderful shade of green. Yes, this place is perfect. Or it will be as soon as the movers arrive with the rest of my stuff. It’s 2:50 am, and I’m trying to be patient. Though I must admit, AC Doyle has been fabulous so far. Organized and punctual.  They were recommended by the manager of this building. I’ll have to remember to post a review on facebook.  My couch is already here.. and my bed and my TV. I’ve unpacked my clothes. Really, I could go to bed anytime now, but I have to wait. My Beagle, Watson is sound asleep and snoring in his special, monogrammed LL Bean bed. I smile when I think that they asked if I like animals. But then I remember I didn’t have Watson with me the first time I looked at the apartment.

And, there’s the doorbell!  Woohoo!  My stuff’s here, and when the guys are done, I can go to bed!  I’m bushed. I answer the door, and Watson wakes up for two seconds then dozes off again.

Hey Ms. Saunders..here’s the rest of your stuff. Two guys make only three trips in with the rest of my things, and Watson sleeps through the whole thing. I sign for my things in a semi-legible signature because I’m extremely tired..Lisa Saunders. They leave. One of them checks me out on his way out. At forty two, I might be old enough to be his Mom. I lock my door, and I flop down on my couch. Watson watches me with one eye open.  I think it’s two hours later when wake up and really have to go. I go and think I’ll go to bed this time, but I head back to the couch. Watson isn’t in his bed. And the bookshelves are… open. The left side has opened about three feet from the wall. There’s a blue mist coming from the inside. I hear Watson bark twice from the entrance. I call him, but he won’t come. He barks again, so I step in. He wants me to follow him. So I do, down a long hallway that veers to the right. I follow him for ten minutes or so until we come to a door. In gold numbers, I see 221B. So far, this is the best dream ever. Now I just need for Benedict Cumberbatch to open the door. But human Watson opens the door. He looks a lot like Colin Firth. My Watson is very excited. Then human Watson says.. Welcome Ms. Saunders. We’ve been expecting you. Mr. Holmes needs your assistance in a case… My assistance? .. Yes. Please come in. I enter with my Watson, and I see Sherlock, but he doesn’t look at all like Benedict Cumberbatch. He looks like Cary Grant in North By Northwest. Am I dreaming?  I’m not so sure anymore…

To be continued..

By M Raynes


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