The Apple and the Accomplice

Yes, She came here day before yesterday to order a specially made golden apple.  It was definitely she. She made an appointment for 2 pm. Came by cab. Brought a little poodle with her. Called the pup Thelma, and said her own name is Beatrix. But she was full of it. She really thinks we don’t recognize her. Too hot to be human. Supernaturally hot. And she has catastrophe written all over her. Hard to resist for sure, but I figured I should report the incident to you. ..Oh yes. The apple.. four inches in size, sterling silver inside, dipped in gold, amber stem, a row of rubies around the outside center. And engraved with the words.. all mine. I told her it would be ready in one week. She’ll pay when she picks it up. Didn’t quote a high enough price, but that doesn’t matter. Beatrix will get a duplicate. Yes. I know what I’m doing. No worries.

I hang up the call with Albert Farmer, the old jeweler/goldsmith Eris hired to make her apple. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she started in. I love this job. I’ve been hired by an unknown person to keep an eye on Eris. It won’t be an easy job, but I relish a challenge. Much more fun than my day job as a server at Banks Cafe. Oh the job is fine I guess, and usually the customers are nice, but it’s the same every day. And since I don’t know who my boss is at this other gig, I feel kind of like a Charlie’s Angel, know what I mean?  Plus, I’m getting paid quite handsomely. $5000.00 just this first week. ‘Charlie’ is a rich client it seems. Not sure why I was hired for this position, but who cares?  I haven’t been asked to do anything illegal. I feel a teensy bit uncomfortable stalking a goddess and watching her every move, but that’s what a PI is supposed to do. Right?  Al Farmer is a regular at the Cafe. He comes in every Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning at 7 am sharp. He orders a ham, cheddar cheese and onion omelette, Cajun hashbrowns, wheat toast burned and he always drinks three cups of coffee. He tips very well. He’s the one who recommended me for this job. I’m not sure if he even knows who we work for.  But does that matter?  Right now.. no.

So Miss Eris, aka, Beatrix, has a dog too. A poodle. Interesting. I guess gods and goddesses love animals just like us humans. I have a dog and a cat. A black Lab named Erin and an orange tabby named Topaz. Love em both. They’re my sweeties. I’m kind of a loner. I work with the public all day, so I like my evenings quiet. This second job is great. I get to work alone. My cup of tea.. or in my case.. my perfect lemon drop martini. Speaking of which.. I could go for a lemon drop right now, and I think I will. One of those, I think maybe an episode of Torchwood on the Netflix and my just arrived issue of Nat Geo. Great evening. The last thing I expect is for my phone to ring. My landline. Unknown caller. I let my voice mail pick up.. Just a click. So I settle in with the show and drink. My cell phone beeps. I have a text. Call this number tomorrow am at 6:45 for your next assignment. 601-333-8975. I feel a tingle of excitement. And I see Topaz wink at me…

By M Raynes


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