The Mysterious Street

I followed instructions and dialed 601-333-8975 at 6:45 this morning. At that time, I wrote more instructions on a 3×5 note card in pencil as I was asked to do. Odd, I know. But the person/persons who hired me for this job are paying me $5,000 for this week of work alone. And next week, if I do well, I’ll earn $12,000. Pretty great, right?  And so far, this job has been a piece of chocolate cake for me. Easy and delicious. The instructions have been detailed and kind of strange, but I’ve not been asked to do anything illegal or anything that’s made me uncomfortable.  So far so good. I’m to walk to a place a half mile away from here, then I’ll be picked up by a red haired, pony tailed man at exactly 2:15 pm. He’ll arrive at this spot in a blue 1959 Volkswagen Beetle. He’ll then drive me to a restaurant eight miles away and two towns away. It’s called J. Austen’s. I’ve never heard of it, and I googled and found nothing. Oh well.. this just makes it more interesting. The person who hired me will meet me there for drinks, and I’ll figure out more of the story.  Erin and Topaz, my black Lab and my tabby cat should be fine. The person I spoke with said I’d only be gone for two or three hours at the most.

I’m ready to head out the door. I have my long hair up, I have on the green dress I was asked to wear, and I have on my black flats, thank goodness. Because I don’t even want to walk a half mile in heels. I give my sweethearts a few goodbye pats, and I’m out the door. I leave my building and go right. I walk half a block, and take a short cut down an alley on the right. I end up behind an old pharmacy I don’t remember seeing before. And I come out on North McGarrett Street like I’m supposed to. I look up and see the sign. That’s what it says. But I look across the street and nothing looks familiar.  I see a pub, and a strange hardware store. Then a blue Volkswagen Beetle pulls up to the curb. A pony tailed, red haired man is indeed driving. And.. wait a minute.. Erin and Topaz are in the back seat!  The man reaches over to the passenger door, opens it, and says, hello, Calista, I’m Neptune. And I think, ah, Neptune.  I’ve been hearing he likes to pick up women and take them to the moon.  For platonic adventures, mind you. He says.. Hop in!  Big smile.  Why do I want to get into a car with a man I don’t know?  Topaz looks at me and says.. yes.. she says.. get in, Mom!  So I go ahead and get in..  what else?

By M. Raynes


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