706 Gemini Lane

My sister, Abbie and I have been sharing this rental house for almost a year now.  We both love it here, but our lease is up in five weeks. We want to re-sign for at least another year, but our landlord won’t go for it.  At least so far. I’ve tried to convince him.. Abbie has tried using her wiles.. we’ve double teamed him once or twice. And by double team.. i mean the double part. We’re identical twins.  Neither of us can figure out what his issue is. We’re great tenants. No wild parties. We’ve done no damage to the house or yard. We repainted the living room a lovely shade of blue.. but we made sure we had permission first. Abbie said the other day, that she has a feeling it might have something to do with the fact that we’re twins. Now why on earth would that be a problem?  So I dropped a few hints about this to Paul yesterday. But I don’t think he understood what i was asking. I was trying to be subtle, but next time I’ll be more direct. It’ll have to be soon, because time is running out, and we’ll have to move. When I beat around the bush, he simply said, well, Alexis, there are a lot of rumors of magic happening around town and people disappearing. I want to stay away from that stuff. I think he saw the look I gave him, and he said.. but I promise I’ll reconsider letting you and Abbie stay another year. And as if he knew he needs a better reason than being afraid of magic, he said.. my daughter will be graduating from school soon, and she might want to live here. And I thought.. well, she might want to find her own place. After all, you and Tess only live three houses away. That wouldn’t have been something I’d have wanted at twenty two for sure.. for my parents to be so close, but whatever. Abbie and I will have to try a new tactic.

So I’ve decided to bake Paul and Tess a cake. A marble cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.. along with a few secret ingredients. Then I’ll take it over as my special gift. No time like the present. So I pop in an episode of Dark Matter on Netflix.. I like to watch while I bake, and I can see the TV perfectly from the kitchen. And our black kitty, Apollo, watches me from a kitchen chair. Abbie is out on a date with her new boyfriend, Antoine. She’s utterly infatuated because he’s French and super sexy. And I think, well great for her, but I want to be single for a long time yet. We grew up with parents who didn’t, and still don’t, get along very well.

Cake is just out of the oven. Need to let it cool before I frost it. So I put in one more episode of the show and check my e-mails. I have two hundred forty one. Yuck. Delete.. delete.. delete… Time to frost. I finish and take it up the street. They both love my present and gush over it. They ask me to come in and share, but I say I have a few more things on my to do list. Plus I want them to eat as much of it as they can tonight. And, much to my great pleasure, they eat more than half. That’s what Paul tells me when he brings over a copy of our lease renewal to sign. For not one, but three years. I could hug him, but I hold back. He tells me Abbie can sign in the morning. And I know he won’t change his mind. Maye will just have to get her own place!

An hour later, I get a text from our mother, Leda. So, did Paul change his mind?  Did your spell work?  And I text Mom back and say yes, indeed it did and then some. And I think to myself.. he wanted to stay away from the magic. So much for that….

By M. Raynes


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