1052 Aquarius Drive

I really shouldn’t go to sleep while the X-Files plays on my TV. I have bizarre dreams. That means restless sleep and a bad headache the next day. And I’m trying to get used to sleeping alone again. My girlfriend broke up with me because she wanted to get married, and I told her I’m not ready.  Willa gave me an ultimatum.. the marry me or I’m leaving you proposition.. and I said.. go for it. I don’t want to be married.. not yet. And for real, the last thing I want is a marriage based on an ultimatum. It’s hard enough to stay together without starting out like that. I have a lot of quirks. Willa noticed a lot of them when she still lived here, and she said they don’t matter. She loves me anyway. But there’s a lot she didn’t see. I made sure of that. She asked several times about the platinum cup I keep on my desk. I didn’t say it’s platinum. I said it’s silver plate.. like a cheap trophy cup, though it’s not shaped like a trophy.  So now she thinks it’s a souvenir. But she did ask who gave it to me.  If it’s from a former girlfriend. It’s engraved with the inscription, to A with love, Z. I told her it’s from my Uncle Zach. A memento from when we golfed in a tournament together years ago.  She believed me, I guess. But since we’re no longer a couple, it doesn’t matter what she thinks now. It’s quite a beautiful cup. Besides being made of platinum, it’s studded with a few two carat sapphires. Willa thinks they’re glass. I hate to be dishonest about something like a drinking cup, but it has great sentimental value. And when she wasn’t watching I drank wine from it once in awhile. She’d have thought that uncouth, drinking wine from a cup. Remember, I told you I have quirks. Anyway, I want a woman who needs a more relaxed relationship. Maybe a woman who doesn’t even use the word relationship. A woman who likes sex, and likes to stay over sometimes, but doesn’t want to live here, let alone get married.

Here I go.. drifting in and out of sleep on my couch again.. with my cat, Bethie on my chest. I think this is an episode of X-Files about killer bees. Ones that have stingers containing smallpox. Yep. Weird dreams for sure. Plus, I had too much food. Leftover chicken pot pie and, like, half of an apple pie.  Can’t do that too much or I’ll lose my great physique. And it is great. Willa said so all the time. I’ll really miss that. She used to say I look like a god. .. I let myself drift off to sleep again. I love the sound of rain on my roof. One of the things I love about Oregon. Another one of my quirks is that water sometimes tastes like wine to me. Especially rain water. Didn’t tell Willa that either. And sometime soon I’ll tell you all more of my story too. Like how I came to live down here, not in the sky. And why you haven’t seen my constellation in awhile. A lot of things. But for now, off to have some dreams. Maybe of floating around the sky with the perfect woman. Perfect for me anyway…

By M Raynes


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