502 Libra Lane

I love this old house, but it has issues. Like the plumbing once in awhile. I have no hot water in my kitchen. My washing machine is broken. My boyfriend, Jason tried to fix things this past weekend, but the repair turned out to be temporary. No hot water again. And it turns out I need a new washing machine. I’ve only had this one for a year, but I failed to purchase a certain warranty. I must plunk down $1,000.00 for a new one. I’m fond of fairness.. in fact.. I have a special affection for it. Fair this isn’t. It’s very hard to get used to living down here. I’m supposed to live like a human and not use magic.  I asked for it. I wanted to be independent for awhile and away from my family. I texted my grandmother earlier, and she gave me special permission to use a spell to fix my plumbing.  If I can figure something out in the next few hours, I can cancel the delivery and keep my money.  I’m going to attempt to fix my machine and my faucets with my balance scale. I know it doesn’t make any sense yet, but this balance is special. It’s made of stardust. You don’t believe me, I can tell. But it’s true. I brought it with me when I came here. The house I’m living in while on earth is old. Two hundred years old. But really, two hundred years is toddler age to me. Jason thinks I’m twenty seven, but I’m ancient. And my grandmother, well, she’s super ancient.

And.. speaking of my balance.. it’s been off kilter since I’ve been here. It also needs a fix. Can’t ask Jason to do that.  He might suspect something and realize I’m not who he thinks i am. My balance is made of gold, and it sparkles with exquisite dust. Something is wrong with the right side. Gram told me that if my spell works on the plumbing, it’ll work on the balance.

The first part of my spell is to bake something for the one I love. I’m baking a red velvet cake for Jason. Second part is to play a favorite piece of classical music while I bake. I know this spell sounds weird so far. Like it should involve chanting or something. But that’s not how a great spell works. It’s really all about love and beautiful music. Third part of the spell is to place a piece of the cake on the right and left trays in the balance. They have to be exactly the same size. It’ll be tricky, even for me. But I can make it work.

So I do. I bake the cake. I listen to the Bacchanale by Camille Saint Saens. I cut two precise pieces of cake. My balance is even as it should be. My faucet goes on and hot water runs. And I hear the water drain from my washing machine. All is fabulous. I text my grandmother, Methuselah, who lives in the sky. Remember, I SAID she’s super ancient?  I wasn’t kidding. She’s proud of me because my spell worked!  I call Jason to see if he wants to come over for cake. But I have a surprise for him. We won’t be eating cake, that’s for sure…. Something much more fun to do…

By M. Raynes


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