The Two Watsons

I knew i’d pay for my nosiness sometime sooner rather than later. And here i am in a stranger’s library. Not sure what year this is, but this stranger said his name is Doctor Watson. But is he THE Doctor Watson?  And, i seem to have brought my neighbor’s cat, Apollo with me. This is penance, i suppose, for spying on my neighbors/tenants back on Gemini Lane. Turns out i was right to be suspicious of them though. Evidently, they’re witches. Twin witches. Abbie and Alexis. I need Doctor Watson to clarify. All i did was try on a pendant of Abbie’s while i was looking around in her room. Well, she’s using it as her bedroom. My husband, Paul and i own the house.

So then, Tess.. He knows my name?  … Abbie and i thought you might show up before this. … You did?  … Yes we did. Though the cake spell was something Alexis dreamed up. She said you and Paul weren’t going to renew their lease. And we couldn’t have that. … We?  … Right. You’re a natural at being a detective, so we decided we could use your help on something we’re working on. … So you are THE Doctor Watson? … No. Not Sherlock Holmes’ assistant, but i’m Doctor Brendan Watson, Ph.D.. a cousin of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am, however, well acquainted with THE Holmes and Watson. You may or may not know that Sir Arthur was, or i should say, is, a believer in the supernatural. There’s a reason for that. And Brendan smiles at me. It’s not a scary smile, but a friendly, engaging one. This Watson is about six feet and four inches tall, with red hair and the biggest blue eyes i’ve ever seen. I have to remind myself i’m happily married.  And, by the way, i should also mention, that i’m a witch too. A good one. You’ve nothing to fear from me. … I choke a little, and ask.. how do i get home and what year is this and where am i and how did i get here? … Calm down. You have so many questions. But i can’t blame you. First, this is 1895. You’re in Portland, Maine in my home library. You came here when you put on Abbie’s sapphire pendant. It’s a key of sorts. Before you go home, I’ll give you your own key, and you can put Abbie’s back where you found it. You can take Apollo with you. The twins will worry about him if he stays too long. … What if they find out i came here? … I’ll send a message back with you that explains everything. They suspected you have powers of your ownl. We just weren’t sure how to get you here. If you had no powers of witchcraft, the pendant wouldn’t have worked. … And i think to myself that i’m all of a sudden exhausted. Like i’ve been traveling for days. And i feel a little nauseous. How much time has passed?  I ask Brendan.  He says i’ve been here for an hour. But, since we’re in Maine, it’s three hours later than at home in Oregon. Even though this whole thing is unreal, it feels perfectly normal.  Brendan reaches into a small box on his desk and pulls out a large spinel pendant. I take off the sapphire and Brendan fastens my new one around my neck. I feel something like a mild electric current. It’s a little thrilling. And he says, next time you come.. at 11 am day after tomorrow, you can come from your house. Then he says.. maybe sometime you can bring your husband with you, but not yet. You can’t tell him about us. .. ..This is much more exciting than life on Gemini Lane. I want to stay awhile. But what do i do about Paul?  How do i get him here?.. Three seconds later, i feel genuinely ill. I’m shivering, but i feel warm and not in a nice way. I see Brendan moving toward me and i fall to the floor. …

I wake up.. who knows how much later, and i’m in a strange bed. I see Apollo perched on a chair across the room, and Abbie is pressing a cool cloth on my forehead. My husband is pacing back and forth at the foot of the bed. Brendan is standing in the doorway and steps aside for a doctor with his black bag to enter. He says, hello Tess, i’m Doctor John Watson. I’m going to try to help you feel better, all right? …

By M. Raynes


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