Eris and Scorpius Seal the Deal

Yes.. she’s here. She’s having dinner with Scorpius, but i don’t think she has figured out who he is yet.  And they seem to have met by accident. Their waiter just informed me that they’re on one of those SexyAndLookingForLove.Com dates. He must have heard some of their conversation. … I’ve been hired to keep an eye on her, but now i’m curious as to what Scorpius is doing down here. The plot thickens. Does he know she’s Eris, or not?  I don’t know the answer. But i’ll continue to do as you say and observe. Who should i follow when they leave?.. Yes. I understand. And as long as you know that i’m also working for someone else. I want to make that clear…

… Tell me, Beatrix.. have you figured out who i am?  I know who you are. Once i laid eyes on you i knew for sure. I’ve always heard your beauty is without equal, and this is truth. Even Helen is no match. …

Why thank you, James.. or may i call you Scorpius?

… Ah, so you know. What gave me away?

… Well your last name is rather.. unusual. But really, it’s your magnificent eyes. They stung me, in a good way of course. I’m still tingling.

… Are you aware that we’re being watched, my dear? No, don’t look now. But there is a woman four tables away toward the front right of the restaurant. Red dress, red stilettos, pearls around her neck. Not sure who she’s working for, but she certainly isn’t good at her job. Too obvious.

… Maybe she’s working for Venus. Did you hear i was banished?

… No. But i’ve been out of the loop for awhile.  I’m down here on a mission. Working for Artemis. Orion is causing trouble. And i have another job to do, but i’m not aware of the details yet. All in good time.  Are you willing to work with me?

… Well, i AM trying to be good. I saw a jeweler a couple of weeks ago to have an apple specially made, but i haven’t picked it up yet. I might just leave it there. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.

… Then working with me is what you want. I’m one of the good guys.

… I don’t to hesitate. ..Of course i want you.. I mean.. want to work with you.

… Well, then, suppose we get a suite upstairs to discuss this venture further?

.. Upstairs?  … Yes, this restaurant is special. It has twenty stories. You’ll be able to see them, but our observer will not. She’s human.

So that’s what he does. Scorpius gets us a lovely suite. Eleventh floor, 1113. This date is turning out far better than i ever could have hoped. I’ve no problem skipping dessert. We’ll have that upstairs. Probably at least twice. We’re both quite athletic…

By M. Raynes


8 thoughts on “Eris and Scorpius Seal the Deal

  1. Interesting! Waiting to read the next installment 🙂 If I may make a request, could you please start each new dialogue from a fresh line? It would make it easier for the reader to follow who exactly is speaking – thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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