Raven, Trees and Diamonds

Carolina Park on Blue Diamond Drive is my favorite place to walk my pup, Minerva. And she loves it here as much as i do. Enormous Douglas Firs, Sequoias and Spruce trees, a lovely pond with ducks and a few geese, and very few people to interrupt the quiet. I can’t figure out why it’s not more crowded, but that’s not a complaint. It’s just odd. Despite the fact that it’s practically devoid of other humans and dogs most of the time, i feel safe.  I took a self-defense class a couple of years ago, but i never feel like i’ll need to use those skills here.  But one never knows, so i stay alert and cautious. Right now, i only see one young couple picnicking under a fir with their dog, and two elderly men walking down a path, in deep discussion about an episode of Jeopardy. It’s late Thursday afternoon. A little overcast now, but it was bright and sunny ten minutes ago. Minerva is feeling energetic, but i’m all of a sudden feeling a smidgen groggy, and i feel an allergy headache coming on. Then i remember i forgot to take my allegra this morning. Great. We’ve only gone a short distance, not nearly as far as i like to go on our afternoon walks, but i try to lead Minerva back to the park entrance for our walk home. She has no interest in going. She’s a Cairn Terrier. She’s small but thinks she’s a big dog. Well behaved most of the time, except when she hasn’t had a long enough jaunt outside. And she wants to stay out awhile longer. So i give in. Maybe another twenty five minutes or so. We round the next corner of a path, and Minerva has to do her business. I always clean up her messes when we’re out walking. I do that, and we keep walking. We round another corner around a sequoia. This one must be at least sixty feet tall. Not huge, but big enough. A raven flies off a branch and lands directly in our path.. about six feet ahead of us. We both stop short. Minerva doesn’t bark. She sits and will not move. The raven looks directly up at me.. into my eyes. Minerva isn’t afraid, nor does she want to chase him. Weird. The bird doesn’t fly away. He stares at us with his intelligent eyes. I love ravens, and i’m not afraid of him. He turns around and starts walking. He walks a few feet, then turns around like he wants us to follow him.  So we follow. Minerva tugs a little on her leash. She’s never done this before. She wants to go faster. The raven stops under a Douglas Fir about twenty feet from where we were standing. He flies up to a branch and looks down at both of us. All of a sudden, i realize that no one is around. The picknicking couple has left the park, and the two men seem to have gone home. There’s silence around us. The kind of silence that occurs right before a storm. All of a sudden Minerva barks and begins to dig. I try to get her stop. This is a first too. She’s a very well behaved dog. The raven watches from his perch. Minerva digs. When the hole is about eight inches deep, and i see some blue velvet poking up from the ground. Dog and raven look at me as if to say, well you finsh the job, lady. So i do. I dig up what turns out to be a blue velbet pouch tied with silver string. I kneel down, open the pouch and dump its contents on the ground. Still silence all around us. Raven and Minerva watch. Many cut pink diamonds spill out onto the ground. I’d say there are at least seventy of them, but i’d have to count to know for sure. Not doing that here. My heart is pounding. I put the diamonds back in the pouch. What do i do?  Then raven looks at me and says.. yes, he says.. found treasure! Found treasure!  Find Sherlock!  Find Sherlock!  Noelle!  Noelle!  Not only does this raven speak, he knows my name…

By M Raynes


6 thoughts on “Raven, Trees and Diamonds

    1. Thank you! I have always loved stories of buried treasure. Of course, I love diamonds and other gems in themselves, but it would be much more fun to find them, wonder about their history, and wonder who buried them in a certain place and why! 🙂

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