The Treasure Conundrum

I wonder if i’m the only person who walks around the city with several dozen diamonds in her knapsack. It’s thrilling and scary at the same time. My terrier, Minerva and i are almost back to my apartment. One more block and across a street. She senses my excitement, and we both pick up our pace. I also wonder if i’m the only person ever to find buried treasure in a city park. I figure i’m definitely the only one who has done so with the assistance of my dog and a raven who talks. Today turned out to be much less boring than i thought it would be. I realize i’ve forgotten all about my allergy sinus headache. The gems on my back are certainly a distraction. As soon as i put the treasure in my pack the raven flew away.. and now that i think of it, he flew to the west in the direction of my apartment.

It’s good to be back home. I take the elevator to the fifth floor. Normally we take the stairs after our walk, but i’m a little stressed and breathless. I slip the key in the apartment lock, go in, close the door behind us, lock it, and unfasten Minerva’s leash.  Big sigh of relief. I plop down on my couch, Minerva jumps up next to me, and my kitty, Overton comes running from my bedroom where he has clearly napped the afternoon and early evening away. I take the pouch of diamonds out of my pack and dump it on a couch cushion between Min and me. Overton jumps up to the back of the couch and looks down as if to say.. oh goody, new sparkly toys. I’m thinking it’s a good thing they don’t smell like chicken. Now i can take time to count them. There are seventy six. They look to be about three carats each. I only know that because my friend,  Elena has an engagement ring that’s three carats. She talks about it often. I only hope she loves her husband to be as much as she loves that ring. I doubt it. Anyhow.. what on earth should i do with these?  Who should i call?  For some reason i hesitate to call the police. These are likely stolen, of course.. but why would anyone bury them in a public park?  I can’t imagine how much they’re worth. Then i wonder if anyone saw me dig them up. The park was strangely empty. I really don’t think anyone knows i have these gems. I look at Min and Overton and say, what do you two think i should do?  Yes, i talk to my animals often. The raven said.. Find Sherlock!  Find Sherlock!  And i think how much fun it would be to solve this diamond mystery with Mr. Holmes. Especially if he looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. But of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character in the Doyle novels. I love those books, but dang it.. Sherlock isn’t real. But then, do ravens talk?  I know parrots do. Did i imagine that this raven spoke to me?  Now i’m wondering if i’ve gone completely off my rocker. I need a nap, but first, we all need our supper. I feed Min and Overton, then i plop down on the couch again with some leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I turn on Netflix to an episode of Columbo. These are great!  And where is Columbo when i need him?  Oh, wait.. he’s a fictional character too. Done with my dinner, and Min and Overton cuddle up with me. I should just go to bed, but it’s only 8:30, and tomorrow is my day off. I turn the light off, leave the TV on and drift away. I remember as i’m going to sleep, that the diamonds are back in their pouch and locked in my bottom desk drawer.

I wake up two hours later to my beeping cellphone. I have a text. And i realize that my living room is filled with a subtle lavender colored haze that smells like chocolate. I must be dreaming. Am i dreaming?  Did i dream this whole afternoon and night. I reach for my cell which is on the end table next to the lamp. It says.. Noelle.  Sherlock here. I trust you with the gems. They’re from 1895. More info tomorrow. Watson will contact you. .. And i think, okay, none of this is happening. Must be the meatloaf.  I drift off again to the sound of Columbo saying.. Just one more thing, Noelle. Seems he knows my name too…

By M Raynes


7 thoughts on “The Treasure Conundrum

    1. Thank you! I clicked the link, and yes, I totally have the inclination/time! I really appreciate this and the wonderful things you say about my blog. So happy you’re enjoying the stories! This means a lot to me. I might need a week or so before I write the post, though. You’ve given me lots to think about. I hope that’s not too long to wait? And thanks so much again!

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