A Move to the Country

All my things have been moved into my new house. Well, it’s not a new home, exactly. It was built in 1887. I’ve admired it since i was a girl. Sunday afternoons, my father took my Mom, me, and my brother, Connor, for drives in the countryside. It was nice to get away from the city.. to go where there are fields, trees, creeks. My favorite town is called Spencerville, twenty miles from Portland. And my favorite house of all back then, was a pale yellow three story mansard two miles west of Spencerville. It’s still my favorite house, and now it’s mine. I signed the papers last Thursday. This is Monday and my things are all there, ready to be unpacked.  I hired AC Doyle Moving and Storage, and they did a fabulous job. It was odd, but they contacted me. My next door neighbor at my apartment complex recommended them. She knows the owner of the company, Charles Doyle, and mentioned me to him. And, she mentioned which house i bought. They gave me a reasonable price for their services, so i thought, why not?

Just a couple more miles and a couple miles more and we’ll be home. By we, i mean myself and my Keeshond, Buzz. Buzz will be happy out here. He liked living in our apartment, but he’ll have more space here. Two acres of land and a room of his own. We had a nice apartment in the city, but it only had one bedroom and it’s ten stories up. I really don’t like heights much, but a three story house is no problem.

We arrive at the new place at 3 pm. It’s October, and the light is magical. Buzz heads right for the front door. I slide my new key in. We go in and go from room to room and up and downstairs.  Two of my friends helped me put my bed together yesterday and get my room set up the way i want it on the second floor. The living room is mostly the way i want it to be. There is so much space here.  It’s nice, cozy and warm in here for a large house in mid October. One would expect it to be chilly.  There are four rooms on the third floor. Not sure what i want to do with them. Maybe i’ll make one into a library.

I’m quite tired, and right now, i want a nap. Buzz and i head upstairs for short sleep. His bed is set up right beside mine. It takes me no time at all to drift away…

It’s a sound sleep. When i awaken, Buzz is up in a chair looking out one of the front windows. The digital clock on my nightstand says 10:45 pm. Buzz barks twice, and i get up to check into what he sees. I don’t remember leaving the front entry light on, but it’s shining brightly. I see two men talking in the circular driveway. And i don’t see my car.. I see.. a buggy. A horse and buggy. A lovely chestnut colored horse. He senses i’m in the window and looks directly up at me. The men don’t notice. What on earth is going on?  Buzz has gone quiet. He’s gone back to his bed and is relaxed.  I’m going out to see what’s going on, that’s for sure!  I open the door and head into the hallway and toward the stairs.  But just as i go to take a step down, i hear hushed voices coming from upstairs. I’m obviously dreaming. What is going on?  But i figure it’s a dream, and if it gets too frightening, all i have to do is wake myself up. So i go up. The stairs are steeper than i remember, and the railing is different. The stairs are beautiful, but they have no carpet. I took my shoes off to nap, and my stocking feet make the steps slippery.  I count sixteen stairs. I thought there were only twelve. I get to the top, and i see light peeking out from under the door of the front room on the left.  And i hear voices again. They’re louder now. I look down and see that Buzz has quietly followed me. A woman’s voice says.. Doctor Watson.. I so hope you can help me. And the man says.. I’m certain, Mrs. Lockridge, that Mr. Holmes and myself can be of assistance.  I turn the knob and quickly open the door. Both Watson and Mrs. Lockridge whirl around to face me. Watson says.. ah, i’m surprised you’re up at this hour, Adele. Mrs. Lockeridge, meet Mr. Holmes’ new tenant, Miss Adele Waldo…

By M. Raynes


8 thoughts on “A Move to the Country

    1. I’ve done that too. Been in the middle of a dream and thought.. must wake myself up. And, btw, when I read this comment, I thought, oh my goodness, I misspelled tenant. I must have been unconsciously thinking of my favorite Doctor when I typed that! I apologize profusely. It drives me crazy when I spell words incorrectly. I’m smarter than that, I promise! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the story nonetheless. Now, must go back and edit. Thanks for reading! I love your comments.

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    1. That’s a great quote, and he’s right of course. I should pay less attention to spelling. Sometimes my quirky Aspie mind gets in the way though. And now that you mention Twain, I think I want to reread A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs’s Court. What a fun book! 🙂

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    1. Lol. Speaking of WordPress spellchecker, I look up at my previous comment and see that it added an extra s to King Arthur’s. I will not let it bother me. (Right) I got rid of spellchecker on my phone because one day I meant to text a friend.. Take a shot in the dark, and it came out, rake a shit in the dark…

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