A Key to the Past

Tell me, Doctor Watson, do Mr. Holmes’ tenants come bursting into your office often?

No Mrs. Lockridge. They do not. Miss Waldo just arrived this afternoon, and i still need to show her around. As far as your request, Mr. Holmes and i will be right on top of it as soon as possible.

Very well then, i’ll be on my way. My husband, Robert is waiting for me out front.

Mrs. Lockridge is by me and out the door in seconds. As she goes, she gives me a once over and clicks her tongue in disapproval. I’m wearing jeans, socks on my feet, no shoes and an old pair of jeans. I fell asleep in these clothes. Clearly, though, i’m dressed inappropriately for wherever and whenever i am. And this is Doctor Watson?  This house belongs to Sherlock Holmes?  And i am Sherlock Holmes new tenant?  I hate to disappoint these people, but this house belongs to me. I signed on the dotted line four days ago. I indeed have a multitude of questions for this Doctor Watson person. This is a kick ass dream.. I’ll admit that. It’s not frightening, just incredibly bizarre so far.

Doctor Watson comes out from behind his desk to formally introduce himself. … Hello Miss Waldo. I’m Doctor Brendan Watson, PhD. I sometimes consult on cases with Doctor John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Right now, at this hour, Sherlock is getting some rest upstairs and Doctor Watson is with a patient down the hall. Tess fell ill when she came here from your time unexpectedly yesterday.

From my time?  When i laid down for a nap a few hours ago, this was my house. I signed the papers on it four days ago, Doctor Watson. Sherlock Holmes is upstairs, you’re telling me?  Last i looked, this is the third and top floor of this house. The other Doctor Watson is down the hall?  Sorry to be repeating everything you said, Doctor, but i just don’t understand anything that’s going on here.

Let me try to explain. This is 1895, Portland, Maine. At the present time, or to you, the past, Sherlock Holmes owns this home. Doctor John Watson lives on the second floor. This is the third floor. This is the left side, and it acts as my office three days and evenings during the week. Across the hall is the library. Sherlock’s suite is upstairs. Yes, there’s an upstairs. I’ll show you around more if you decide to come back..

Come back?  I feel a little disoriented and dizzy. I drop into a leather wingback chair to my left and stare into space. It’s not every day i travel over a century back in time, and back east through three time zones to boot. And i say, but this house is in a little town called Spencerville, population 2,763, twenty miles from the other Portland.. you know, in Oregon.

Technically, not the same house. Extreme in similarity though. But for the extra fourth floor.

My dizziness has turned into a full blown headache. But i’ll be fine. Deep breaths, Adele. I try to shake myself awake, but it doesn’t work.

Let me explain further, Miss Waldo.

Please!  Please do, Doctor Watson!

Sometimes, there are certain people who are magic. Sometimes, it’s the places. In your case, it’s a little of both. You have magic, Miss Adele Waldo. You are special, and you have special abilities. Doctor Watson.. the other Doctor Watson, that is, and Sherlock, could use your assistance on a case, if you so choose. You’ll need appropriate clothing for this time, of course. Also, by the way, in three or four days time, we are expecting another visitor from your time and place. Her name is Noelle Keating. She’ll be bringing a valuable treasure with her, along with her Cairn Terrier, Minerva, an even more valuable treasure. We love animals here!  If you choose to come back and assist us, your dog and hers should get along famously. But you can go back home, i mean back to 2016 for tonight, get some rest, and mull it over. I realize this is a lot to digest, and you’re likely exhausted. Oh, and i neglected to mention, when Other Doctor Watson’s patient, Tess, recovers fully, she’ll be helping us with the case also. Before you leave.. I need to give you a key to get back here to 1895 and into this house. It’s not a typical key; it’s this…

The Doctor reaches into a desk drawer and pulls out a lovely purple velvet box. He hands it to me, i open it, and it’s a gorgeous gold chain with a large pink tormaline pendant. No idea how many carats. Doctor Watson fastens it around my neck. He says, now Adele, close your eyes and count silently and slowly to twenty five. Sit back in the chair and relax first. All you have to do to come back is wear the pendant and count. Simple as that.

I close my eyes and say.. should i click my heels like Dorothy?  And Doctor Watson says, well you can, but you’re not wearing any shoes. Remember?

M. Raynes


11 thoughts on “A Key to the Past

      1. I DO adore Mr. Tennant. I watched Broadchurch over the summer, and I just finished watching Jessica Jones last weekend. In the latter show, he plays a villain. A super bad. But he indeed plays a delicious one. He’s so brilliant!

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