A Break Up and a Treasure Map

The bed is rocking. I’m bouncing a little. I think, are Max and i still having sex and i fell asleep? Wait.. no, i fell asleep, but the train going by is what’s making me rock and bounce.  Every morning at 4 am. This building where he lives is too close to the tracks. Not enough sex and too much train.  Just then, he wakes up, rolls over and says.. wow , what’s all that racket?  Are we still doing it, Donna?  I can’t help but laugh.

No Max, we stopped hours ago. We both fell asleep. I realize i have quite a hangover, and i should get up and brew coffee, then go back to sleep.

Do you wanna do it some more? I can stay awake this time. My headache’s gone.

Nope. I’ll go get some coffee ready.  You go back to sleep. My head is pounding, and sex isn’t what i want right now. Just coffee and a shower.  Now that i think of it, then i’ll just go home.

Aw come on!  I can be quick.

Yeah i know. Not a great motivator.  So i get up, and Max rolls over and starts to snore.  I thought dating a younger man would be hot. I’m thirty two.  He’s twenty three. We’ve been seeing each other for seven months. It’s getting stale. The age difference is more of an issue than i thought it would be. My friends were all happy when i met Max and we started going out. Hell, i was happy for me. Really, though, he and i have very little in common. And this apartment is a mess!  Plus i love dogs. He doesn’t. I mean, what kind of man doesn’t like dogs?  I like blues and classical music, and he loves rock. I love sex, and he, quite frankly, doesn’t. Maybe it’s me, but i doubt it.  So, i brew some coffee, drink two mugs full, and take a fifteen minute hot shower to help get rid of my hangover.  Then i walk back to the bedroom, dress, and try to wake my soon to be ex-boyfriend. A couple shakes of his shoulders. Nothing but snoring. Max!  I’m going, and i’m not coming back!  It was fun, but it’s over. He opens one eye and grins.

Yep, sure was awesome for awhile.  He sits up a little, and says, but i think we burned out the flame, babe. And i think, babe? .. Plus, you know, Donna, i think you might be too much for me.  And there, i know he’s right. Then he says, well see ya. He gives me a wave, lies back down and closes his eyes. I kiss his forehead, grab my purse and i’m out of there. His apartment is on the second floor of a dumpy three story brick building with the railroad tracks close out back.  I figure Max will live here forever. I get in my car and take off. I head back to my apartment on Watson Drive.  It’s Sunday, and i don’t have to be anywhere. All of sudden i realize i’m starving.  I pull over at a place called Papa Harry’s to pick up a sandwich and some chips. I order a steak, Swiss and mushroom on a French roll and get a bag of barbecue chips to go with.  Now i’m ready to go home. I’m tired, and think to myself that i might miss Max, if only a little. I live on the twelfth floor of a seventeen story building.  I love it here.  And no railroad tracks in sight. I unlock my door, go in, step out of my shoes, drop into my favorite chair and open my yummy sandwich. My kitty, Eva, smells my steak and comes running. I missed her last night. I wasn’t quite gone a whole night, but usually Max and i spent nights here. She really liked him, and will miss him.  I give her two bites of my steak sandwich, eat the rest, then decide to sleep. I move to the couch and Eva snuggles beside me.  I go to sleep in no time, and dream of Sherlock Holmes. I figure it’s because i just reread The Hound of the Baskervilles. We’re sitting together in his living room, and he’s telling me about the Red Headed League .  But Watson is nowhere around. Then Mr. Holmes hands me a note. It’s written on light blue stationery in lovely handwriting. I take it out of its envelope. It’s a treasure map of sorts.  Street names, landmarks..  It’s complete with an x that marks the site of treasure. Mr.Holmes wants my help. My help?  All of a sudden i hear a spine tingling howl. Holmes says, that’s the hound on the moors. The hound howls again, and i wake up. Eva is still beside me but startled. Her ears are back. I hear another howl. My heart pounds. I go to get up and a slip of paper and an envelope fall to the floor.  I pick them up, and realize it’s the treasure map and instructions. My heart pounds harder, and i hear another chilling howl…

By M. Raynes


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