Cupid Enlists Assistance

My arrows have been missing their marks of late. My boss is going to think i’m goofing off on the job, but i’m not. I’m giving it my all, and i don’t understand what’s happening. I’ve checked my bow to see if it has developed some kind of malfunction, but it seems to be at one hundred percent. My arrows, the same. I don’t use a physical bow and arrow, of course, like i do in myth. I’m a jeweler and a cook. I work magic with gems and pastries. So the ingredients are right, and the stones are perfect in my rings and bracelets, but something somehow misfires. Maybe it has to do with me. Perhaps it’s because i’m not in love myself. You’ve probably figured out that i’m Cupid. And no, i’m not a boy baby in diapers.. i’m a full grown woman of forty three. I took over this job from my mother five years ago. She was a fabulous Cupid, and never missed her mark; not once. She retired so i could take over. She is still happily married to my father after one hundred and fifty years though. My last two relationships have crashed and burned. How can i help others fall in love if i fail to do so myself?  So i’ve had to enlist help .. from a detective and his doctor assistant.  Tomorrow i have an appointment back in 1896. I have directions to 221B Baker Street. But with my luck recently, i hope i can get to the right place at the right time!  If Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson can’t help me; then who can?  I need them to help me rediscover my misplaced talent for love.

I had a blind date two evenings ago. It’s rather pathetic when Cupid herself goes online to find a man, right?  Anyway, it was disastrous. Well, maybe disastrous is overstating it, but it didn’t go well. We were all wrong for each other.  He doesn’t like cats!  He doesn’t like chocolate!  And he doesn’t even like to read!  Who among the stars doesn’t like to read?  So yes, i indeed need the help of Holmes and Watson. Got my emerald ring key to the late nineteenth century, and i’m going!  And i said i’d bring a cake as payment. That’s what they requested, and at least i haven’t lost my ability to bake yummy desserts, even if they don’t make people in madly in love!  Wish me luck!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

By M. Raynes


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