The Vintage Boutique on West Virgo and Violet

Four nights ago i had a dream. An excellent dream that involved a conversation with Sherlock Holmes himself, a hound howling on the moors and a treasure map. Yes, a treasure map.. complete with an x that marks the spot of hidden treasure. I woke up from this fantasy with the map on my lap!  So exciting!  I’ve read all of the Conan Doyle stories, my favorite being the Hound of the Baskervilles. So anyhow, on with my story…

Yesterday, i followed the instructions on the map to the letter. And you know where they led me?  To an antique shop owned by none other than Mr. Furney. Mr. Alec Furney, my ex-boyfriend Max’s boss. Once i figured out where the map leads, i waited for a call from Doctor Watson for instructions as to what i should next do. This morning, i went to Furney’s shop, found the antique i was asked by Watson to buy, and purchased it.  It was in the exact location of the shop where Watson said it would be.  At first i thought Watson could just come to 2016 and get the statue himself, but evidently, Furney and Watson have a long standing disagreement, so Furney would never have sold the treasure to Watson. If all this stuff sounds weird; it is. But it’s a fun game, and i’ll play along!  The treasure, though, at least as far as i can tell, turned out to be not much. It ‘s a statue of a raven. Granted, it’s a lovely statue, and i love ravens, but still…

The next thing on my list of instructions is to go to a vintage clothing and jewelry shop. It’s on the corner of West Virgo and Violet Streets. I’ve never heard of this shop or either of these streets, and i was born in this city and have lived here my entire thirty two years.  I’m not concerned about getting lost, though, because a cab is coming to pick me up in five minutes to take me there.   Just as i think this, the purple cab comes barreling around the corner and pulls up in front of my building. I get in, and we’re off. The driver is silent the whole five miles. Nothing looks familiar on the way to this shop. He pulls up in front. I don’t have to pay him. Watson has taken care of that. He simply says, it was a pleasure driving you, Donna. And wait! I neglected to mention that i brought my kitty, Eva with me. Watson said it’s okay. I’ll be gone for at least three days, and Holmes loves animals. Wait again!  I also neglected to tell you that this game involves some time off from work, and a journey back to 1896. There,  i think i’ve told you everything, at least everything i know myself. I have Eva in her carrier in one hand, a small rucksack with change of clothes on my back and the raven statue in my other hand. A petite woman with bright red hair opens the shop door for me and directs me to a counter in the back. This place is a wonderland of vintage clothing. I can’t believe i’ve never heard of it. The gentleman behind the counter reaches underneath a shelf and pulls out a hatbox and three dress boxes. He smiles and says, here you are, Miss Donna. Three dresses for you to wear while on your vacation. All in appropriate style. I peek inside one of the boxes, and i see a gorgeous winter white gown with lavender pinstripes. More ruffles and pleats than are my taste, but hey, i’m going to 1896.

Then i say.. there is no way i’ll be able to carry all these things.

And here, he admires Eva and calls her a sweet little furry bugger. No need to worry, Donna. You’ll have two people to accompany you on your journey.  They’ll assist you with your things, and your adorable cat.

And all of a sudden, a man and a woman appear from the rear of the store.  The man says, hello, Donna. I’m Doctor Brendan Watson and this is my sister, Maeve. We will be delighted to assist you. Doctor John Watson is waiting for us on the other side.

But wait, Doctor Watson, Mr. Holmes wants me to also give you this to take. The storekeeper pulls another, larger box out from under the counter. ..

This is a birthday gift for Mr.Holmes’ friend David P.  Our seamstress just completed it.  It’s a magnificent man’s formal frock coat.

Doctor Watson says, well, this is everything we need. Let’s be off!  ..

I follow, because i’ve no idea how we’re getting back to 1896. We go out to the back room of the store toward the very back wall. There is the most beautiful brass wall mirror i’ve ever seen. It’s ten feet tall and five feet wide. Doctor Watson says.. The Hound is Howling and the mirror opens. And he says.. after you, ladies!…

By M. Raynes


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