The Necklace At Charming Emporium

Good evening, all. Tonight, i feel like writing something a little different than my usual. This isn’t part of my Sherlock Serial, but i hope you enjoy it. It still has a little magic though. All of my stories do, whether i plan them that way or not. Seems they always come out with magic in them somewhere. Can’t seem to help myself. Here it is…

It’s a long walk from my apartment, but it’s always worth the trip. The Charming Emporium is full of the best goodies ever!  Last time i went, i bought a great cookbook. The recipes are all unique, delicious and made with spices you’d never normally use with these foods. But it’s like magic. They always work. Another time, i bought a pair of tiny garnet earrings. I call them my lucky earrings. This place has so many unusual things. I’ve never left empty handed, and i’m sure i won’t today. Just one more block and a quick right turn, and i’m there!

I walk in the front door and a little music box by the entrance plays The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy even though it’s May.

Hello there, Serena!  Haven’t seen you in awhile. Welcome back!  … And i think, Art is right. It’s been at least two weeks since i’ve been in. Too long. Plus it’s a Saturday, so i can poke around as long as i want.

Do you have anything new today, Art?  I turn back toward the counter to face him, but he’s not there. Instead, i see a man with red hair and stunning blue eyes. I’ve always had a weakness for red haired men. And this one is tall, muscular, very fit. He says, hello, i’m Spencer. Art had to step out to run an errand. What can i help you find?

And i think.. my heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty and i feel like i’m fifteen again. When i find my voice, which seems to take forever.. I say .. nothing in particular. I just like to come in here and look around.  He just smiles, and i feel weak in the knees. This is ridiculous. I’m twenty seven years old.

Well, we have something special that just arrived day before yesterday. If you like jewelry.. this is beautiful. It’s costume jewelry, but i think you’ll like it. Spencer reaches into a glass case and pulls out a gold chain with a large green and pink stone attached. He’s right. It’s lovely, and i want it. The colors change in the light. It goes from green to purple to pink. It reminds me of alexandrite.

Let me put it on you..

And i think.. oh lordy.. he’s going to touch me. Then i think i really am being like a teenager. Stop it!  I turn, hold up my hair and he fastens it around my neck. It’s not a choker, but kind of a short chain. I turn back around and my heart pounds harder. He looks into my eyes like he knows me. I’ve never seen him until today. Then he kisses me. I don’t back away. I let a complete stranger kiss me. Is he a stranger?  He kisses me again. Longer this time. I see colors all around me. Dizzying, swirling colors.. pink.. purple.. yellow… I put my arms around him so i can stay standing.  I feel so dizzy that i keep my eyes closed. I think i must be kissing this stranger forever. But it starts to feel familiar. He feels familiar. I know him. When i open my eyes we are together in a lovely garden that smells of roses and hyacinth. There’s moonlight. And it all seems perfectly fine.. except I feel older. I look into Spencer’s eyes, and they’re the same stunning blue. But his hair is turning white. Not before my eyes.. but it’s not the same red it was. I put my hand to my neck, and i’m wearing the pendant. And we dance like we’ve been dancing together for years. And Spencer says.. Happy thirtieth anniversary my sweetheart Serena. I love you so very much!… I thought i’d never find you again.

By M. Raynes


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