Nine days ago, a new couple moved into the apartment next door to mine. I should just let you all know right off the bat that i’m nosy. Actually, i prefer to refer to myself as naturally curious. I love to know what’s going on around me as much as i can. It’s not that i’m bored with my life. I have plenty to do, and i’m truly quite busy. But, people watching is my favorite hobby, and i have my suspicions about these new neighbors.  They’re a married couple of thirty six. I heard this through the building grapevine. And i overheard the maintenance manager say that they’re from Vermont, and it was the husband’s new job that brought them out west to Oregon. He also said that they’ve both been asking a lot of questions about how much it rains out here in the wintertime. It rains a lot, that’s for sure. I’m surprised they didn’t ask around about that before they made the move. They’ll find out soon enough. It’s almost Halloween. And so begins the soggy season. Anyway.. my suspicions about this couple are becoming more intense by the day. I don’t believe they’re a couple at all. In fact, i believe they might be spies passing themselves off as a happily married couple. Not sure what i’m going to do with the evidence if i can find it, but it will be a fun game to play during the overcast, wet winter days.

What these new people  obviously don’t know, is that there’s a way to get from my apartment into theirs anytime i want, and they’re none the wiser. I can do it at night if i want, while they’re sleeping, or during the day. No key necessary. You see, this is a pretty large apartment building. It has eleven stories, and i live on the top floor. And inside one of the closets in this place are some stairs leading to the building attic. The attic is huge, and there’s another set of stairs going down. But the stairs going down there are hidden by a wall.. except for a hole behind some bookshelves that is just my size. Oh, i should probably mention that the hole is small. It’s cat size. I’m a cat. My name is Bunnie. Yeah, i know. I’m a cat named Bunnie. I love my human, but she really could have come up with a better name for me. Her name is Wendy. Wendy Wolfe. She’s just as curious about other humans as i am. Wendy, or Mom as i think of her, has no idea that i can get next door if i want. And i want. I’m going over there tonight after she goes to sleep. Her boyfriend, Josh is coming over at seven for dinner. It’s Friday night, so they’ll have a couple of martinis with dinner, then watch a movie or two then go to bed. Every Friday is more or less the same. I don’t think they realize it, but they’re just as much creatures of habit as any feline i’ve ever seen. And.. when they go to bed, they’ll do that mating thing that humans do. And they’re super loud about it. I wonder what the downstairs neighbors think?  They can probably set their clocks by it. After they’re done with the sex, they’ll sleep soundly. They both snore. Perfect time for me to sneak next door. Mom always leaves her closet door open a few inches because it doesn’t close tightly. I’ve only been next door once. It was during the day around noon. The husband came home unexpectedly for lunch and almost saw me. That would have got me and Mom in trouble. …

So, dinner with Josh comes and it’s the same as always. I watch and wait. Josh likes to talk to me using a high baby voice. It cracks me up every time. I purr because it makes him happy. Tonight, they decide to watch two episodes of Wallander on Netflix.. then.. well, you know.. Oh my god, Josh!  Yes!  Yes!  You are so GOOD!  Blah blah blah. Just do it already. …. snore… snore. Time for me to go!

I get over there, and it seems Sally and Yves are out for the evening. Perfect!  But i have to be careful they don’t come home and find me here. So i poke around a little. And what’s one of the first things i see?  A giant crystal ball in the living room!  This wasn’t here the other day. It’s five feet around. There’s smoke inside it and it glows purple. A bright, gorgeous shade of purple. Can’t bat this ball around for sure. Now i have to go back to 1896 and tell Sherlock!  I neglected to tell you. Sorry about that. Sherlock Holmes is my boss in the past. There’s a way for me to get from my apartment back to his time too. I’ll tell you more of my story later on…

By M. Raynes


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