The Witch, the Cat and the Crystal Ball

I wonder how many witches have to use a key to get into an apartment. Likely not many, or any, besides myself that is. I can’t make my powers work lately. I thought i had my book of spells perfectly memorized , but i have to use a key to get in here. This isn’t my apartment.  It belongs to Aaron Kelly. He has something my boss wants. And what she wants.. she usually gets. What i wish, though, is that she’d done this job herself. Sally wouldn’t need a key. But she’s been busy recently with her boyfriend, Yves. In fact.. they’ve become lovers. It’s a sticky situation because she’s spying on him for her boss, Venus. My task, this afternoon, is to get into Aaron’s apartment any way i can and retrieve a crystal ball he purchased at Wands and Stardust.  He supposedly bought it for his girlfriend, Phoebe.  He knows the ball is real.  The owner of the shop contacted Sally and told her who purchased it. She knows there’s something nefarious going on, and now she knows who Aaron is and who he works for.  So i’m going into his apartment to get the ball. Don’t ask how i got the key. I’ll fill you in another time.  … I enter the apartment, and a cat greets me at the door. I want to be quick about this because Aaron will be home from work soon.  It’s three now. Yes I know. I had trouble getting here. That thing with my faulty powers is affecting everything.

Kitty gives me head butts and marks my legs with his cheeks. I give him a few pats, but i need to get moving. Now, where would a guy put a crystal ball?  I look around and right away i see it. It’s on the fireplace mantel. This will be easier than i thought. I go to retrieve it, and kitty follows. I pick it up and almost drop it. I’m startled by a key in the door. It can’t be Aaron already. I replace the ball on the mantel and hurry down the hall to hide. If my powers were working properly, i wouldn’t have to worry. I could disappear.

Where should i go?  I head to the bathroom. Hopefully he won’t have to come in here right away. Gotta figure something out fast!  But Aaron turns on his TV then goes to the fridge and grabs a beer.  I sure could use a beer.  Or a glass of wine. I’m forgetting myself.  How am i going to get out of here with the crystal ball?  If i could make my magic work, i could cast a spell on Aaron so i could get out of here. All of a sudden i hear a faint knock at the door. A knock?  I think, no kitty!  Don’t draw attention to the bathroom!  Then i hear a whispered voice. Please let me in, Jeannie!  I’ll help you!  Aaron is asleep on the couch.  This kitty can talk. Since i’m a witch, this certainly isn’t unheard of. I open the door. It’s not a talking kitty. It’s a talking human.. um.. witch.

This witch is male, gorgeous and about five inches taller than i. .. He says, come with me! Well, grab the ball first.

How did you know who i am and what i’m here for?  I thought you were Aaron’s cat.

I am his cat, sort of. At least that’s what he thinks. I’m Nicholas Hammond. I work for Sally too. She hasn’t told you about me. We spoke this morning and she told me to help you if you need me.  I’ve been watching him. He knows what that crystal ball is and what it can do. He got to it first. And his girlfriend doesn’t know he’s not a good guy.

Geez, the plot thickens!  Well, let’s go. Wait, where are we going?

We’re going back to 1925 for two or three days.. until it’s safe to come back here.

Okay.. now i really need lots of wine. I ask, why 1925?

I don’t know that myself. Now let’s go. I grab the crystal ball, and Nicholas and i hightail it out of there. I have no idea how we’re getting to 1925, but obviously he does. We take off to the right and run to the end of the hallway… down a flight of stairs to the third floor. There’s a door on the right halfway down the hall. Looks like some kind of closet. It’s locked.  Nicholas puts his right hand on it and says gin rummy. This makes me roll my eyes, and i say, what if Aaron finds us?

He won’t find us here. …

So the door opens, we go in, and it closes behind us.  There’s a flight of old stairs.. twenty one. We run to the top. I’m determined not to drop the ball. At the top, we find outlrselves at a jazz club.. circa 1925. This could be a great time!  …

To be continued…

By M. Raynes


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