The Job

I’m not supposed to be in this house. I’m doing a job for someone. I don’t know who. Yes, i probably should have asked some questions, but the person left $3,500 in cash in my mailbox yesterday. I hadn’t done anything yet. If i retrieve the object this person wants.. I get another $2,000. I know.  Why ask questions?  I need the money. Well, this is way more than i need, but i want a new pearl necklace and maybe some other expensive treasures. Think of all the books i can buy!  My shelves will be overflowing. First, though, i have to pay my rent. After that, it’s all good. And it’s not like i had to break in here. The couple who lives here left their back door open. The person who hired me knew they’d be gone at this time, 3 pm. I got a list of instructions with the money. I was even told what to wear.. a red strapless knee length dress and red three inch mary jane heels. Weird, i know. And if you think this is weird, wait until you hear what object my employer wants. It’s a wooden box. $5,500 for a wooden box. It’s a small box, rectangular, six inches by seven inches and four inches high. Maybe this box has something special in it?  I’ve no idea. Like i said, i didn’t ask questions. Oh, and the box has some decorative carving on its top. It’s a carving of a bear, and this bear is looking up at the big dipper in the sky. Bet it’s beautiful.

So i need to get going. Not sure where to look first. I think in Kevin and Diane’s bedroom. I head upstairs, and a rabbit hops up the stairs behind me. I wasn’t told they have a rabbit, but at least he’s not a big guard dog.  Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs, but this isn’t my house.. remember?  I look in drawers and on the shelves in the closet. Clearly, Diane loves shoes. And she’s the same size as me. Six and a half. I shouldn’t do it, but i’m going to. I start trying on her shoes. I try on four pair, and as i’m pulling another box off the front of the high shelf, i see the wooden box i’m supposed to get. I found the box, i get to try on the shoes and i’m getting paid a mint!  I figure i’ll try on a couple more pair.. then i really should leave. This whole time the rabbit has been watching me. He has very expressive dark eyes.  All of a sudden i feel a twinge of guilt. I put the shoes all back in their boxes.. replace everything where i found it, put my own shoes back on and remember to take the box. It’s what i came here for after all!

I realize that the closet door closed behind me. I go to open it but it’s stuck. I push hard a couple of times and it opens. I hear a whisper. It says.. this door gets stuck a lot. You’ll get used to it. My heart races and i tremble a little. The only being here is the rabbit. I think. I realize the rabbit is talking. He says.. yes. I talk. Open this door a little more. I’m losing my mind. Breaking into this house was bad for my karma. It’s coming back to bite me. I walk into the bedroom, and there’s a man. A man in the huge bed. I think he’s naked. And i think, oh god!  Kevin came home and he thinks i’m Diane. I choke. I say, you think i’m someone else, but i’m not supposed to be here. And he says.. of course i know who you are, Corinne. You’re my wife. Welcome home. I thought you were going to stay in 2016 forever. Welcome back to 1948. I say.. no, turn on the light so you can see me. My voice cracks and i start to sweat. He turns on the low light on the nightstand.. and he says.. ah yes.. my darling Corinne. Change into something more comfortable and climb in here where you belong…

I think, i want him to explain just exactly what’s going on. I drop the box. He says, i see you found that and brought it back with you.

But Kevin i…

Why did you call me Kevin?  I’m your husband, Joseph. We’ve been married for three hundred years…

By M Raynes


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