Red Tights

This is a short story in limerick rhyme form.. three verses. Hope you enjoy. Sometimes i get the urge to rhyme. It just happens once in awhile. 🙂  …

Belle Katie wears her red tights dancing.

Though sometimes her dancing more resembles prancing.

Jeb thinks his Katie is mighty pretty.

Often he sings her a sweet little ditty.

His relationship with her is really advancing!

Katie also wears her red tights to the lake.

Except in July when the heat makes her bake.

Jeb finds her sexy.

He wooed her from Rexy.

Katie makes Jeb his fave carrot cake!

Jeb really loves his sweet Katie Red Tights.

At Christmas her tights match the red holiday lights.

Katie and Jeb make a cute, loving pair.

Soon they will have a new house to share!

They’ll be having lots of quite romantic nights!

By M. Raynes


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