Is It Her Eyes?

I have looked for you and me in places we used to go.. Our favorite French Restaurant.. our lovely antique shop on Brook Street. I’ve looked for us in so many places around town. I’ve searched through our home. In your closet where your favorite green tie and best white shirt used to live. But they’re gone, and so are you. We are nowhere. After sixteen years of marriage.. you are gone.  So there is no us. What is it about her that made you want to leave me?

Is it her smooth skin?  Is it her younger shape?  The way she laughs when you tell one of your jokes?  Is it because she loves to climb mountains when i’d rather walk on the beach?  Is it her long, beautiful hair that she flips over her shoulder when she laughs?  I’d love to know. I won’t be quite over you, but it will help me move on. I know. It must be her eyes. Those deep, soft brown eyes. They make you see yourself differently, don’t they?  You are young when she looks at you. You feel smarter.. stronger. I was angry for awhile after you left. Then sad. Then i was sure you’d come back. But you did not.

I miss you still, but i don’t want you back. A week ago, i drove by the house you now share with her. I just wanted one look. I saw you taking out your garbage, and i smiled to myself.  You have established a routine with her already. You still have bills to pay. You still get up at 5 am to go to work. Does she laugh as much now?  It’s only been six months. But i wonder how long it will take for you to tire of her? …

By M. Raynes

This something different for me, but still fiction. Hope you enjoyed it.  Love from me this Tuesday night..


13 thoughts on “Is It Her Eyes?

      1. I agree. I’m planning on writing something different tonight too. But then i know there are some of my followers who are expecting the magic realism. That is my first love, but i want to do other stuff here as well…

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