Lying Low

The EAS is going off on my phone, signalling a flash flood warning for low lying areas. I’m six feet under. Is that low lying? I guess it is. I chuckle, though the only ones who can hear me are the gophers who live down here.  I’m in a low lying area, but i’m also lying low. I’m sorry if you thought i meant i was dead when i said i’m six feet under. I’m very much alive. I just don’t know what my next move will be. Right now i’m hiding in a crawl space under someone’s suburban house. Well, i guess six feet is too tall for a crawl space but not tall enough to be a real basement. I’m babbling, i know. That happens when my anxiety kicks in. Anyhow, something tells me i can stay down here awhile longer. This neighborhood isn’t in the low lying valley. I’m in the hills of the city. I owe a lot of money to someone who lives three blocks away from this very house. He was chasing me. I was running, and literally fell into this hole. The family who lives here isn’t home. Not sure where they are.. but there are big renovations going on.. and who wants to be around for that stuff?  So they’re elsewhere. Good thing.. so no one heard that signal on my phone. I lost the guy chasing me on the next street. He can run fast, but he’s kinda stupid, so getting away wasn’t hard. Thing is.. is it safe to come out and where do i go next?  I can’t go back to my apartment, and my girlfriend said she’s done with me. Think i’ll wait until dark to decide what’s next. All this thinking and talking to myself is giving me a headache. I know you think i’m crazy, but i’m not. I think. Right now it’s pouring out. Getting dark fast. Good thing i found this tarp to put over me. I’ll stay dry. I put my left hand up to the gash over my right ear. Good. The bleeding has stopped. I’m getting so sleepy. Too much bourbon last night. That’s my problem. Just going to drift away for a little while. Getting cold.. so sleepy..

Again with that infernal beep.. beep.. beep of my phone. Yeah.. flood warning i get it!  Shut UP. I have a killer headache, and i can’t move. .. Can’t move a muscle.

And i hear someone yell.. Willie STOP!  Don’t back up any further!  STOP!  I see an arm and a leg!  And blood!  Lots of blood!..

And i think.. I guess i’ll be lying low forever!  Well, at least i never have to pay that money back!

By M. Raynes


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