The Runaway Crystal Ball

Why is there a crystal ball on the elevator with me?  I got on across from my twelfth floor apartment. The elevator stopped on the eighth floor.. the doors opened, and no one was waiting. No human that is. But i looked down and saw a ball, and it rolled on and stopped beside me. It’s a blue crystal ball, about six inches around.  I half expect it to talk. But it says nothing. It must be remote controlled. I think i’m losing my mind. But i don’t have to be anywhere, so i’m going to follow the ball when it gets off. I want to laugh out loud at that. But i’m by myself except for Mr. Ball, so i don’t. It is funny though.. the thought that i’m planning to follow an inanimate object when it it gets off an elevator. And then the elevator stops and dings on the fourth floor.  The doors open, and Mr. Ball gets off. I follow.  He-it rolls to the left. I tail it a few feet away. I mean, it can’t see me, right?  I wonder if the person controlling it can see me?  Listen to yourself, Kassia.

The ball stops in front of apartment #422. I stop in the middle of the hallway, take out my phone and pretend to text someone. The ball sits there for just about a minute, and the apartment door opens. Ball enters and the door closes. I hear whispers. I go closer to the door, but i hear only mumbling. Nothing is clear. I feel overwhemed with curiosity. I text my best friend, Eve to tell her where i am. I’m only on a different floor. I live here, so she knows i’m not lost. I want to knock on the door, but what do i say?  That i followed a crystal ball to this apartment?  I can say i’m lost and need directions?  I knock with no idea what i’m going to say.  I knock a second time, and a man opens the door. He says.. hello, Kassia. Come on in. I hesitate, but feel like i know him. Well, i texted Eve. Should i go in?  I throw caution to the wind and go in. What can happen?  Okay, i know a lot can, but it’s as if i’m under some kind of spell. I stand in the doorway, and realize i’m not in an apartment. I’m in an enormous library. There’s an enormous fireplace with two leather chairs before it… More books than i’ve ever seen in one place at one time. Except in this library, i can hear faint music. I think it’s Chopin. There’s a man sitting in one of the leather chairs talking on his cellphone. The man who answered the door has disappeared. The man in the chair sees me, ends his call, gets up and walks toward me. He holds out his right hand and says, hello, Kassia. I’m Doctor John Watson. I’m glad you came. I understand Mr. Holmes’ librarian, Emily, showed you the way. He nods toward a set of bookshelves to his left, and there is a magnificent raven perched atop it. Emily appears to wink at me, and she says, welcome to the fold, Kassia! Welcome…

By M. Raynes


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