The Pink Crystal Ball

There is a rash of crystal balls rolling around the city. In the last three days, there have been half a dozen break ins around town. None of the culprits has been caught, but papers and the TV news say that those committing these acts are in search of crystal balls. I heard that a few days ago, a woman chased a crystal ball down a hallway in her apartment building.. then she disappeared. I have yet to see one of these balls rolling around town. I’ve heard they have minds of their own. No one knows if they’re produced by witchcraft or they’re aliens from another planet. The guy with the bushy hair,  from Ancient Aliens, is probably having a field day. I haven’t heard he’s here in Portland yet, but i’ll bet he’ll be here soon. Today is Saturday, and i’m planning on going for a five mile walk with my Pomeranian, Bonnie. Well, first i’m taking myself out for an early lunch to a new restaurant i heard about called Lucille’s. I heard they have the most delicious halibut and chips in the Universe. I’ll need to burn off those calories on the long walk!  And on my way there, i’ll keep my eye out for rolling balls. The ones people have found so far are blue, orange and red. Not sure if one can see one’s future in any, but it’s worth a try. This is becoming more of a thing around here than that super popular online game.. which i played off an on for a weekend.. then i got bored.

Well, it’s 11:15. If i leave now, i can get to the restaurant before it gets crowded. The place is only three miles away from my apartment, but it’s raining sideways, so i’ll drive.

I drive to NW Peregrine Drive. The place is on the right. I find a parking space one hundred yards from it. The rain stopped.  I put change in the meter and head up the street. Lucille’s is a small place. It looks like an old house. The new owners painted it red. I heard it only has a dozen little tables, but if the halibut and chips are as good as i’ve heard, i’ll become a regular.

I turn to go up the front steps, and that’s when i see it!  A crystal ball rolling down the sidewalk toward the restaurant. It’s a pale pink one. No one has said anything about a pink one. Forget the halibut and chips.. i’m going to snag the ball!  I chase it down the street toward my car. It’s fast, but i catch it. It’s as light as a feather.. six inches around.  I get in my car, carefully place the ball in the passenger seat and. I drive home.

When i get there, Bonnie is waiting at the door. She barks at the ball. I say, Bonnie.. look what i’ve got! I sit on my couch to have a close look at it. Bonnie jumps up beside me. Then.. i hear the ball whisper. It says.. Cosima.. your love is searching for you. I feel dizzy. The ball knows my name. How does that sound? .. Crazy. It whispers again.. Cosima.. Grant is searching for you. Then i see my reflection.  Well, not my reflection exactly. I see myself in it. I’m wearing flowers in my hair and passionately kissing a man. I can’t see his face…

To be continued..

By M. Raynes


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