The Pilfered Tourmaline

I kept it in a wall safe in my bedroom. I thought it was safe. I should have buried it, at least temporarily. Really, i’m not supposed to have it. I stole it from someone else who wasn’t supposed to have it. I’m not sure any of us thieves know who it originally belonged to. This thievery has been going on for at least seventy years. I had it in my safe for four months. I want to say it was an inside job. But the only ones who live in this apartment are my tuxedo cat, Petra, and me. No one knew i had it. That’s what i thought. Guess i was wrong. I should probably explain what it is. And no, it’s not a crystal ball. People have been finding, or i should say, chasing them around the city for awhile. No, this is a valuable twenty two carat pink emerald cut tourmaline. It supposedly has special powers, but i didn’t get to figure out what those powers are. Now i might never know. I stole it as a gift for my boss. Wanted to surprise her with it. Oh well. It’s like someone took it by magic.


I love my human.. but he’s definitely not the brightest bulb around. Yes, it was an inside job. I am the insider who pilfered the tourmaline. It’s still in our apartment. It’s under his bed. Yep. I told you.. not the sharpest knife. I took it out of the safe, yes, by magic. At one time, i was the companion of a beautiful and good witch. She taught me magic. Anyway, i know the gem really doesn’t belong to Raoul. I suspect it belongs to someone important. So i put it under the bed until i can figure it out. I’ll decipher the stone’s true owner before my person ever could. I’ll keep you well informed. For now, it’ll stay under Raoul’s bed buried under all those dust bunnies ’cause he never vacuums. And if by chance one day he decides to clean under there, i’ll race under the bed and rescue the pilfered tourmaline…

By M. Raynes


5 thoughts on “The Pilfered Tourmaline

  1. Cats! They are a magical and mystical creature 🙂 I love that this cunning little feline stolen the wrongfully-taken tourmaline and hid it! He’s like a little masked avenger: great story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am incredibly envious! There’s a mischievous and sometimes very naughty origami cat in my novel, but I don’t have one yet 😦 I can’t wait for a cat of my own!

        Liked by 1 person

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