The Haunted Text and the Raven

I don’t know why i do things like this. My boyfriend and i are on a break, and i’m watching Halloween all by myself. I should clarify. Caleb and i are on a break. An official break. Not like Ross and Rachel in that Friends episode.. we mutually agreed to see other people, or not, whatever we want, for three months. Neither of us is sure if the other is the one. He’s curious, and so am i. It’s Friday night, two days before Halloween, and i had no plans. So here i sit. Glass of Merlot, big bowl of popcorn with lots of butter and scary movie alone. Well, my kitty, Pierre is here with me, but sound asleep in his chair. I have the lights off.

My cellphone is on the arm of the couch beside me. I hear it beep. It’s a soft sound.. different than usual. I turn the TV volume down.  My phone beeps three times. It’s a soft sound again. Then i hear music come out of it. It’s the tune You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones. It’s creepy because it’s not my ringtone.. and i remember i turned my phone off. I pick it up, and a text comes over the screen from a number i don’t recognize. It’s not a phone number.. it’s five numbers.. 55921. And the text says.. Are you waiting for me Andi?  Are you waiting?  If this is a joke that Caleb is playing.. it’s not funny. I put down my phone and go back to the movie, but i’m spooked. Maybe i should watch something else. I put on an episode of Midsomer Murders on Netflix and turn on a light. Just one.. now i feel better. But my phone beeps again and then plays the Halloween movie music. Now i’m freaking out a little. Another text comes. It says.. i’m coming for you, Andi. Remember me?  I shiver. Pierre is awake and staring at my phone. He stands, and his back goes up and his tail becomes bushy. Then.. I hear a voice come out of my phone. Andi!.. the voice says. The thing is still off.  All of a sudden i hear scratching against my sliding glass doors. I look out and there is a raven in the fir tree outside the windows. I run to the sliding door and open it. Why do i open it? I can’t stop myself. Raven flies in and perches on the back of my couch. He stares at the apartment door.  I hear a knock. First a soft tap.. then a loud bang. My heart pounds. I stare at the door. I need to call for help, but i can’t move. I look at raven and he flies at the door.. then he comes back and perches on the back of the couch again. He says.. Andi, it’s me, Caleb. I’m here to protect you! …

M. Raynes


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