An Affair

It began at work, like so many of these things do. I sat across from you at the conference table that Tuesday morning. There were five other people at the meeting, but i only saw you.  I started planning how i’d make you mine. Yes, i saw your wedding ring, but i didn’t care. From that first day, you made it easy. We had a lovely dinner the next night. You told your wife you had to work late. It’s not unusual to have an evening meeting, you said. We went to that little Greek place you suggested. I realized that this wasn’t new for you, but at the time i didn’t care. Then we evolved.. if i can call it that. We got a regular room two nights a week. Not at a cheap motel, but at the Astoria Jameson Suites.

But two days ago, i made a mistake, Seamus. I drove by your house. I just wanted once to see where you live. I saw your wife getting into her car with your three daughters. You’ve told me very little about them. But i remember what it’s like to be thirteen, ten and eight. How devastated they’d be if they learned about us. I went home and cried for a long time and wondered if i’d be forgiven. Not by God. I don’t believe. But by myself and your family. So i won’t be meeting you tonight at room #325. Not tonight. Not ever again. You might have many affairs.. but no more with me…

By M. Raynes


7 thoughts on “An Affair

      1. I’ve never been in that situation either but I was close to someone who was. In the past I’ve also tried to put myself in that position because most of the time the other woman is perceived as the antagonist, but we really need to look at both sides, or everyone involved in the situation.

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