The Box

The box has been sitting on my desk for two weeks. It’s a foot square.. it’s wrapped in gorgeous blue foil wrapping paper, and it has a big bow in its center in a lighter shade of blue. I don’t dare to open it.  Not sure why exactly. It was sitting outside my apartment door one day when i returned from my afternoon walk. It’s not heavy. I figure it weighs about half a pound.  My maltese, Jennie, was a little curious, sniffed at it a little when i brought it in, but since that first day.. she has ignored it. I look at it and wonder occasionally, but am not curious enough to tear it open. No card attached, and i can’t imagine who it’s from.

Right now, i’m planning to spend a quiet Friday evening at home. Jennie, me, maybe a martini and an old movie. I think Dead Ringer with Bette Davis. It’s a favorite. Just need to heat up some left over lasagna and wait for my bread to come out of the oven. I hear my phone, which is on the dining room table, beep. I have a text. Jennie barks. That’s odd.  She never barks when she hears my ringtone or a text come through. I check. It startles me. It says, you’ve not opened your package! – S. Who is S?  And i’ve only mentioned the box to one person.. my friend, Evan. My heart pounds. Another beep.. Open the box, Deidre!  I turn off my phone. I go to call Evan from my landline. Then.. the box begins to bounce on my desk. It’s been sitting there motionless for two weeks, and now it’s bouncing?  The bouncing stops as suddenly as it started. All this time, Jennie has just been staring at it.  She hasn’t barked since my phone beeped with the first text. That’s when i smell it. The faint scent of cinnamon in my apartment. The scent becomes stronger. The box jumps off the desk and on to the floor…

By M. Raynes

To be continued tomorrow.. 🙂


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