The Box, Part 2.. or The Fates Upstairs

The box wrapped in blue has been sitting on the floor… where it landed when it jumped off my desk last night. Yes. It jumped off my desk. I’ve procrastinated opening it. I’d like to know who it’s from first, but i probably won’t figure it out until i open it.  I received two texts last night. Whoever sent them knows i haven’t opened it. And like i said, i told only one person. Box has been absolutely still since it jumped. My friend, Evan, who i told about the box, came over when i called him. He offered to spend the night, but i said no, it’s only a box. A box can’t hurt me. Did you hear that?  As if a box could be dangerous.  Clearly, whoever sent me the texts wants me to open it. So Evan is coming back over in ten minutes, and we’re going to open it together.

Just then a text comes through. It’s not from Evan.. it’s from one of the women who lives in the penthouse of this building. She’s one of three sisters.. Isabelle, Stephanie and Lena. They call themselves the Three Fates. Not sure why. I don’t think they’re part of a band, but you never know. It’s known around here that they throw some pretty wild parties. I’ve been invited twice but declined both times. I’m kind of a quiet loner. This text is from Stephanie. It says i’m invited to a party next Saturday evening at their place, and i’m to bring ‘my sexy man’.  I know she means Evan. All three sisters have seen us together. But no matter how many times i say we’re not in a romantic relationship, they don’t believe me. I overheard Lena say to Stephanie just last week that they need to get Evan and i together.  Stephanie responded, well if all three of us agree they should be a couple, then it will happen. They won’t know what hit ’em.  I thought, whatever that means and laughed to myself. I can choose my own man. I think they’re getting a little carried away with that fate thing. Oh well, i suppose it’s all in fun.

Just now, my doorbell rings. Must be my sexy man. I smile when i open the door, and he says.. Deidre, you look a lot happier than you did last night.

I’m not as scared of the jumping box, plus you and i got an invitation. I’ll tell you about it in a bit. Now, let’s do this thing. I pick up the box and we sit together on my couch. My maltese, Jennie joins us. She’s curious.  I take off the bow and unwrap box. I hesitate.. then open it. The inside smells like cinnamon.  I remove some blue tissue paper and find.. a smaller box. This one is wrapped in orange paper, and it smells like a pine forest. I don’t see anything that would make this box jump.  I look at Evan. He shrugs, and i take out the smaller box. I go to open it, but i see a small card. It says.. To Deidre and Evan. The future lovers.. Yours, Pandora…

By M. Raynes

PS. More on Wednesday, when the election is over and i can think better!..     🙂


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