Fate’s Crystal Ball


It’s Saturday morning. Our election was four days ago, and i still can’t get over the result. I have quite a few friends who keep telling me to calm down. I can’t. The fact that my country elected such a horrible man for President is mind boggling. I just ate a half a dozen Oreos for breakfast. My kitty, Pennie is worried about me. Even my ex-boyfriend called an hour ago to see how i’m doing. He’s as upset as i am. We had a great conversation. It’s been seven months since we broke up.. and i think we’re at a point where we can be true friends. It’s 10 am, and i should get a move on.  I’m taking a solo drive out of town. I need to get out of the city for a few hours. Go out in the countryside and maybe get lost on purpose.

I walk out of my apartment, lock my door, and i’m off. I don’t feel like taking the stairs down fourteen flights, so i board the elevator. I get on, and there’s a glass.. maybe crystal.. ball sitting to my right. Someone left a toy, and will likely come looking for it. Or.. perhaps i should put it in lost and found at the first floor reception desk. As i’m thinking this, the elevator stops on the eighth floor. The doors open, but there’s no one waiting to get on. And you’re not going to believe this, but the ball chirps three times. Yes, it chirps like a bird. Then it rolls off the elevator and turns to the left. It rolls down the hall on its own. I’m following it, because you know, chirping ball rolling on its own. Then it stops. In the middle of the hallway. It chirps. Twice this time. And it rolls again, and i follow. It stops in front of apartment #802. Then it appears to change its mind and rolls back toward the elevator. But it rolls past the elevator toward the other end of the hall. The ball appears to be confused. It’s now that my phone beeps with a text. I check it. It says, Finley.. please bring ball to the penthouse. It’s lost and is important. We need to have it. The Three Fates. I want to burst out laughing. I’ve really lost it. I know there are three sisters who live in the penthouse of this building. They have quite a reputation for wild parties. But how do they know my name?  I’ve never met them. But i figure, what the heck. I’ll return their crystal ball. What can happen?  So i pick up the ball. It chirps then purrs just like a cat. Time to take you home little bugger. Yep. It’s that bad. I’m talking to a ball. So ball and i board the elevator and head to the penthouse twelve stories up. What does Fate have in store?

By M. Raynes


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