When You Babysit a Crystal Ball

So, the last time we spoke, i told you about how i found a lost crystal ball on the elevator in my apartment building. I followed it down the hallway on the eighth floor for a few minutes. Then i got a text from one of the Three Fates who live upstairs in the penthouse. The ball belongs with them, so i went upstairs to return it.

The Three Fates are three sisters.. named Isabelle, Lena and Stephanie Bonneau. When i knocked, Lena answered the door.  I always pictured the Three Fates to be super old ladies. But they’re not. Well, Lena is the only one i met in person. She said she’s five hundred and sixty years old, but in earth years, she’s only thirty seven. Not sure how that works.. but whatever. Age doesn’t matter. I wish i had her figure though.  Anyway, Lena invited me in. That penthouse is gorgeous. It’s decorated in black, gold and green. The green is mostly humongous plants. It’s like a jungle up there. Lena invited me to sit down and made me some tea.  Their butler.. yes, they have a butler.. brought out some of the most delicious peanut butter cookies i’ve ever had. I set the crystal ball on a chair.. according to Lena it’s the ball’s special chair. Then she proceded to ask me a lot of questions. It felt like a job interview. Turns out it was. The three sisters are leaving for Boston for a five day vacation in an hour. Yours truly, Finley Barrett, is penthouse and crystal ball sitting for five days. And i get to sleep up there.  I can watch their TV, play their piano, and have their cook make whatever i want. I have specific instructions for caring for the ball, whose name, it turns out, is Jessica. Jessica chirps like a bird and purrs like a cat. She has her own chair and her own bed. Her favorite TV show is Two Broke Girls. The reason there are so many plants up there is that Jessica is a vegetarian. I’m not sure of the mechanics of how she eats, i only know she likes her privacy so that she can do so at 8 am and 7 pm. And she has a litter box. Yes, i know all this stuff is weird, but Lena said Jessica really likes me and they trust mewith her. The best part is that my cat, Pennie can stay up there with us. Well, all this explaining has taken awhile, and it’s time for me to head up. An extra bonus.. is that Jessica might be able to tell me about my future. She is a crystal ball, after all…

By M. Raynes

PS. To be continued tomorrow evening.


7 thoughts on “When You Babysit a Crystal Ball

  1. I wonder if the Three Fates would mind if I stopped by and watched “Two Broke Girls” with Finley and Jessica? I promise to behave, and I’ll look the other way when Jess has her personal time with the litter box… 😉

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