Fate Gone Wrong

I need to find a way to get into the Fates’ penthouse. I heard through the grapevine that the sisters will be gone for five days. That should be enough time for me to figure it out. It’s heavily guarded.. though most people don’t see it. They hired a house sitter while they’re away. This will definitely make my task more difficult. And even if i get through the barrier, it’s like a jungle in there, and it’s like that for a reason. They’re not normal potted plants and trees. I wonder how much Finley.. she’s the housesitter.. knows about that place. It’s a beautifully decorated, enormous apartment, and it holds many secrets. A couple of days ago, i almost had my hands on Jessica, the Fates’ crystal ball. She was right outside my apartment because i lured her here. But Fate stepped in, and Finley came along. She took Jessica back upstairs. The sisters were so appreciative, they made Finley Jessica’s caretaker while they’re gone. This wrecked my plans. I know i sound like a bad person, but i’m not. The awful man who won the Presidential Election wasn’t supposed to win. Something went terribly wrong. I want to fix it, but i need Jessica’s help, and now Finley’s. I need to sleep on it. But first, i’ll make some delicious chocolate lava cake with my own special magical recipe. I say magical because i’ll add a spell. I should probably tell you now that i’m a witch. Thing is, is a witch like myself more powerful than one goddess, let alone three?  Especially the Fates. See the thing is, none of the sisters is bad. They just think no one should interfere with Fate. But last Tuesday, fate got it wrong, and i mean to fix it. I think the best way to do that is to turn the sisters against one another… Does this end justify the means?  And if i toy with Fate, what will come of it?

By M. Raynes

To be continued Tuesday!


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