The Scent of Secrets

I can smell secrets. It’s my superpower. It’s definitely not an inherited thing. Neither my mother nor my father can smell a juicy secret, but when i was twelve, i figured out i could. Like my seventh grade science teacher totally had an affair with the eighth grade history teacher. One day when i walked into Mrs. McCallum’s science class, i could smell Mr. Henderson all over her. No one else had a clue. But she smelled like a combination of hyacinth, pumpkin pie and green tea. That’s what an affair smells like. I’d just passed Henderson in the hallway, and he smelled the same. That’s how i knew. A lie smells like a mix of vanilla and a musty rug. Weird, i know. I could go on, but i’d have to explain a lot. Anyway, i’m fourteen now, and i’m getting better at the secret sniffing all the time.  Yesterday, when i went home to my apartment after school, i walked by a neighbor’s apartment on the eighth floor of my building. I smelled chocolate cake baking, but i also smelled something else. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I hope i’m not getting rusty at my age. There’s something nefarious going on in there though. I need to sniff around some more.

Right now, i’m working on an essay for English class tomorrow. Mom and Dad aren’t home from work yet. They’ll be home in about an hour, at 5. I hear the doorbell ringing. Our doorbell plays the tune of Love Shack by the B52s. I roll my eyes every time i hear it. I’m supposed to ask who it is before i open the door.. so i do.. twice. No answer. I look through the peep hole. I see no one. I shouldn’t, but i open the door. No one. But there’s an envelope on the floor. A blue envelope with nice handwriting. I pick it up, I smell a secret!  The envelope is addressed to me, not my parents. Mirelle Hebert. It smells like.. wait.. French fries, apple cider and.. I think juniper. It’s definitely trouble. Yes. Someone is in love and trouble at the same time. …

By M. Raynes


5 thoughts on “The Scent of Secrets

  1. What a Nose with a Talent !! So did the Note say “I am in Love with You Mirelle”.
    Reminds me of the movie ‘Hannibal’, where the Detective tries to identify from where the paper note came to her from Hannibal, based on its scent.

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    1. I’ll be writing more tonight. And it is like Hannibal in that respect. I never thought of that. But this is definitely not a story like Hannibal. This will be a happy story in the end. I don’t dobsad or scary. 🙂


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