The Scent of Danger and Fortune

It’s Saturday morning and my second full day of babysitting the Fates’ crystal ball and staying at their magnificent penthouse. I can’t believe it. I, Finley Barrett taking care of the Three Fates’ home while they’re away. I have my kitty, Pennie, up here too. And earlier the cook made me the best French toast and mimosas i’ve ever had. It all tasted.. oh i don’t know.. magical. Jessica, she’s the crystal ball, is happy and seems to trust me. We spent last evening watching a couple of episodes of Two Broke Girls and then North By Northwest. Cook made me chicken kiev for dinner and carrot cake with no raisins for dessert. Jessica ate a spinach salad.  She’s a vegetarian.  This crystal ball sitting gig might be bad for my waistline. But i’m having a great time. Their butler is responsible for taking care of all the plants and trees up here. I don’t have to worry about them. I have a tendency to kill houseplants.  And Lena, one of the sisters, hinted that the plants are of vital importance.

Right now, i’m sitting in the best reading chair ever and reading the Patron Saint of Liars, by Ann Patchett. Lena said i could read anything off their bookshelves while i’m here, and these sisters have a lot of books!  It’s now that i hear my phone beep with a text.  It’s from one of the sisters.. Isabelle. It says, staying in Boston an extra two days. Can you stay?  I think, of course. This job is like a most excellent dream. I text back, yes. Not a problem. She’s relieved.. that’s great, i hear back. All of a sudden i smell something odd coming from the kitchen. Can’t figure out what the scent is. Not chicken, or carrot cake, or French toast. It’s some kind of a scented jigsaw puzzle….

I’m hiding behind an enormous potted palm in the hallway outside the Three Fates’ penthouse. I want to knock on the door, but what do i say to Finley?  Or to the butler if he answers the door?  Oh, in case you forgot about me.. Mirelle here. Doing that sniffing around like i planned. There are quite a few plants in this hallway. Almost like they’re standing guard. Wait!  I smell something strange!  Like i’ve never smelled before. But i instinctively know it’s secret danger.. or bad fortune. I need to focus. It smells like.. roses.. and like.. moth balls. And wait.. the faintest smell of skunk. Gross. The rose scent can’t hide that odor!  But who’s in danger?

By M. Raynes


4 thoughts on “The Scent of Danger and Fortune

  1. This is interesting, to do alternate narrators. I wonder what sort of role Finley will play. But I think that it would work better if,me hen you change narrators, you put some sort of header up that said either Finley or Mirelle in italics. That way, the reader would be able to tell which character is narrating. I got a little confused while reading on who was narrating, so I hope that my advice helps!

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