Once Upon a Time

Once upon a very dark time, a man with miniature hands wanted to be King. The man’s hands were not well worn because he’d never worked hard.. or truly worked at all. He wanted a snow white world, and many people thought this a most excellent thing. The would be king wanted to build a protective wall made of money around his kingdom to keep the monsters away.  The people also thought this a brilliant plan, for they knew they’d be safe forever. There would be more jobs. More money!  More of everything! Things would be perfection if only they elected this tiny handed man to be their King. It didn’t matter that he hated almost everyone. He could say anything and it was justified by most. The people hated this man’s opponent, though they couldn’t explain why. They were convinced she was hiding something heinous. She had to be. The tiny handed man said so.  Some said if they elected Tiny Handed, everything would be fine. They would be saved from the Worst Queen Ever!  So many, but not all, of the Kingdom’s citizens made Tiny Handed their King. And he and his Wife and Spawn moved into the White Castle. I’m not certain how this story will end. There are many who would like to end Tiny Handed’s reign before it begins. If only there was something in the Kingdom’s Constitution, that most revered document! Alas.. there is likely nothing. And many people are and will remain.. bereft. Perhaps this tale will have a happy ending, but this storyteller doubts it.

M. Raynes


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