The Tenth Topaz

Hello!  Mirelle here. Still hanging out outside the Three Fates’ penthouse trying to figure out what my next move should be. A couple minutes ago, i smelled danger and bad fortune coming from the penthouse. Remember?   I told you i can figure out secrets by their scents. Danger smells like roses, mothballs and the faintest note of skunk. Anyway, the smell went away almost as fast as it came. Now i only smell boredom. It smells like a pair of old sneakers. But barely there old sneakers. Not pungent.. bland.  I think i’ll go back down to my apartment, but I told my Mom i was going to the library for a couple of hours. I could go there, i guess, but i was hoping to find the secret magic. I won’t be able to concentrate on reading if i go to the library now.

Wait!  I smell magic!  Here in the hallway! The hall is pretty big and full of plants. The magic is within a couple of feet of me. The mix of peanut butter and blueberry pie!  Just now, the penthouse door opens. Out come the butler and Finley. Finley says, it’s so nice of you to drive me to Greyaire Towers, Daniel. I’ve been wanting to visit my Gran for a couple of weeks, but my car is not running well. I don’t like the bus.

It’s my pleasure, Miss Barrett. Lena instructed me take you anywhere in town you want to go. Jessica will be fine alone for a couple of hours.

… I think to myself.. now’s the time, Mirelle. No one will be home but Jessica.. and well, she’s a crystal ball. Maybe they won’t lock the door?  As if. But then Daniel inserts a key, turns it, and off they go.

What’s that faint sound?  Now the magic scent is stronger than ever. The blueberry pie is overwhelming the peanut butter!  I hear the tinkling of a tiny bell. It’s coming from this palm pot. I look down and see a sparkle half buried in the dirt. It starts to glow. I pull the object out of the dirt. It’s a key!  It’s a silver key with a blue topaz handle. My phone beeps with a text. Dear Mirelle.. You’ve found the tenth topaz. Use it to open Fate’s door. Inside there are two more gems like this one. I need them to avert the danger.

I don’t think twice. I walk across the hall and insert the key.  I guess the Three Fates hide their keys in houseplants too…

To be continued..

M. Raynes


4 thoughts on “The Tenth Topaz

  1. Oh, what is this danger that the letter mentioned? Now I’m really curious! I like how this is developing; it’s interesting. But I did notice that the “I”s needed to be capitalized, and there needed to be a few quotation marks. Otherwise, this was really well done, and it’s becoming more and more intriguing. Also, I need some advice: how did you get so many followers, and could you give me some tips on how to get some more? Thank you.

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    1. Thank you. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the story. I plan to add to it more often in the coming weeks, but lately i’ve been distracted by the reults of our election. And you’re right. I need to capitalize my Is, etc. My keyboard used to automatically do that, but for some reason, no longer does. A real pain. So eventually, i’ll go back through all my stories and fix.. when i have the time. 🙂
      And as far as having a lot of followers, i haven’t really thought much about. I try to write a post every day. That could have something to do with it? Even if it’s a short post like a haiku. And, i follow a lot of blogs.. not to get more followers, but because i love to read the writing of others as much as i love to write myself. Other than those things, i’m really not sure. Hope this helps some?

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