I’ve been on this elevator for five minutes.  I only want to go up three floors. The instructions specifically said.. get on this elevator and press 3.  So i got on, and i pressed 3.  I had to wait a full minute for the thing to move up.  Where am i going?  At floor #3, i’m supposed find three doors. They’ll be labeled.. Love, Bravery and Hate. I don’t want to go through the hate door.  It seems obvious. I just have to read the labels. But i’ve been told to be careful, because doors can lie.

After going up for four minutes, the elevator finally stops. I hear a ding and the doors open. I step off into dense fog. But it’s not regular fog. It’s pink, and it smells like chocolate.  I see the doors through the fog, but my vision has blurred. The door on the left is labeled Bravery. The door in the center, Love. The door on the right is labeled Hate. Which one to open?  What if i open love, but it’s really hate?  Or is the door that says Love really Love?  And what about the Bravery door?  What’s behind that one?  I step closer to the doors. The fog has thickened and become the color of blue sky on a sunny day. I take a deep breath and walk toward Love and put my hand on the knob. Is Love telling the truth?

M. Raynes


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