The Eighth Emerald

So yeah.. Mirelle here. I’ve just found the Tenth Topaz Key to the Three Fates’ penthouse. I’m through the door and Jessica is rolling into the room to greet me. She’s the Fates’ crystal ball, in case you’ve forgotten. And the other thing you need to remember is that i’m not supposed to be here. What i’m looking for is the magic i could smell. A little while ago, i smelled danger, but that scent disappeared. My superpower is an ability to decipher secrets by their scent. I smelled danger first, then magic. Now i smell neither. Jessica is chirping at me. Then she rolls down a long hallway. She stops like she’s waiting for me. As far as i know, Finley and the Fates’ butler will be gone for a couple of hours, but i don’t want to lose track of time. I follow Jessica. She seems not to mind that i’m a stranger, and i wonder where she’s leading me. There are enormous tropical plants along both sides of the hall. This a gorgeous place to live. Like no place i’ve ever seen. Jessica stops at a door on the left. I think she’s waiting for me to open the door, so what the heck.. I open. We go into the biggest bedroom i’ve ever seen. Not sure whether it belongs to Lena, Isabelle or Stephanie. The bed in here is enormous. There’s a lovely tapestry covering the entire wall to the right. It’s a scene of Zeus and Hera.. and i think Aphrodite and Eris and the golden apple.

Just now, my cell beeps with a text. It says.. Mirelle, you’re in Isabelle’s bedroom. … I panic, because.. how does this person know where i am?  Am i on camera or something?  My heart pounds. Another text.. In her jewelry box on her bureau is the Eighth Emerald. We need it to avert danger. Please retrieve!  I look toward the bureau and see a gold box. And i smell magic again!  I walk toward the box, but i hear a creaking sound.. like a squeaky stair. And i smell nutmeg and star anise. The scent of hidden treasure!

M. Raynes

To be continued…


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