The Fourteenth Ruby and Many Diamonds

I smell hidden treasure. I’m in Isabelle’s bedroom. She’s one of The Three Fates. I’m not supposed to be here, but i found a key.  I got a mysterious text from a phone number that’s all 7s. This is exciting but scary.  I’m fourteen, and if my parents find out where i am and what i’m doing.. they’ll be mad. I’ll be grounded, like, forever!  I should leave right now, but i can’t bring myself to go. Jessica, the crystal ball, is waiting beside me to see what i’ll do.  I should go, but i’m not gonna. I want to get the Eighth Emerald that the texter wants. Jessica chirps.  Another text. As i go toward the jewelry box; i hear the stair creaking sound. The text says, there might be a ruby in the box. The Fourteenth Ruby. If it’s there, please get that too.

Let’s see, so far there’s the Tenth Topaz, the Eighth Emerald and the Fourteenth Ruby. The Tenth Topaz is on the penthouse key. The other two gems are in the box.  I smell hidden treasure. It’s the scent of nutmeg and star anise.  Is it the ruby and emerald?  Another text. Someone coming!   Hide fast!  I hear the penthouse door open.  Not Finley and the butler already?!  Jessica chirps and bounces. Good thing the place has carpet. She takes off down the hall, and i follow. She stops at a door to the right. I open the door, and we go in the closet.  There’s pink fog..  I get another text.. Stay where you are!  The person who’s there can’t open that door!  All i can think is how am i going to get out of here, get home and i have to pee!  Jessica’s silent. I go to back up a little, and i fall over a small trunk.  It opens when i fall over it. There’s a long white gown in it.. it looks like it might be a wedding gown.  There’s also a beautiful silver box that’s not locked. I open it.  Jessica chirps softly.  I found the hidden treasure i smelled!  Some rubies, emeralds and many diamonds. Now what do i do?!

M. Raynes


4 thoughts on “The Fourteenth Ruby and Many Diamonds

    1. Thank you, Jac. I’m glad you enjoy my tales. I first read your comment at 4 am. And i read it wrong. I had nightmares off and on all night. There were bombs, we all had to move to underground hiding places so ‘they’ couldn’t find us. These stories are therapeutic to write. I love happy endings, especially these days. 🙂

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      1. Oh no! In contradiction, had a dream last night where I was shaving my legs and each time I did, the hair grew back lusher and thicker until,I was totally covered in hair. I was like, ‘Well now there’s a thing.’
        Our minds are awesome places to hang out.

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