The Apple and the Eighteenth Amethyst

I’m hiding in a closet in The Three Fates’ penthouse with Jessica, their crystal ball. I’m not making it up.  There’s someone in here who’s not supposed to be here.  I got a text telling me to hide.  Jessica led me to this closet. I just found a silver box full of rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Caught up yet?  I hear footsteps outside this door. Jessica chirps.  I have another text. My phone vibrates this time. Text says.. i’ll tell you when it’s okay to come out. The text says nothing about the box of gems.  If the texter knows i’m in here, and that there’s someone else in the penthouse, why doesn’t she know about the box?  Seems she only knows about the Eighth Emerald and the Fourteenth Ruby. I don’t what the danger is either.

Wait!  I smell something!  The pink fog has cleared, and i smell blue cheese and a little bit of rotten egg. That means lies!  Who’s lying?  The texter?  Who’s here besides Jessica and me?  I still have the box in my hand. I put it back where i found it and close the trunk. I’m not taking it. That would be stealing. But it’s also stealing to take the ruby and emerald out of Isabelle’s jewelry box. Not doing that either.

Another text.. safe to come out. Jessica leads the way back down the hall.  I want to shut Isabelle’s door because i found it closed.  But Jessica rolls back in and chirps and bounces.  She rolls toward the wall tapestry.. the one of Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite and Eris with her apple. Except.. Eris and the apple are missing. I look back toward the dresser.. and i see a gold apple. And beside the apple, i see a necklace. A gold chain with a large amethyst attached. It starts to glow. I have the urge to touch it. Jessica chirps and bounces again. I walk to Isabelle’s dresser and pick up the apple. I touch the necklace. It’s warm and glowing. I’m still holding both when i hear someone walking down the hall toward this room. Jessica rolls under the bed and i drop and roll. We’re hiding again. I remember that i have the Tenth Topaz key in my pocket.

Just now, two people come into the room.  A woman says, i need to get my hands on the Eighth Emerald. I shouldn’t have asked Mirelle to do it.

… Then a man says.. she probably caught the scent of danger.

And the woman.. But Scorpius..

… Eris, darling.. there’s a bed right here. Why waste the opportunity?

….. Scorpius!  Not in Isabelle’s bed!   Not even i dare anger one of the Fates!

…. But you’ll steal the Eighth Emerald?

…..  Well, it’s not rightfully hers to start with…


And i think to myself, well thank God they’re not going to do it here!  Jessica and i are under this bed. And i know all about sex, but i don’t want to be under any couple’s bed while they’re having it!  Thank you very much!

To be continued..

M. Raynes


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