The Urn

The urn has been sitting on a utility table in our laundry room for two months. It contains the ashes of one of my husband’s aunts. Aunt Enid asked that Steve be the one to scatter her ashes by Pinewood Pond. She was estranged from her daughter, so she requested Steve. Yesterday, i said, honey, will you please take care of Enid’s ashes?  I loved her, but having her sit there in an urn when i do laundry is creepy. It’s like she’s watching me. He said, then put her in the den or someplace.. and i thought.. like that would be better?

So Wednesday is laundry day, and it’s my turn. Steve is great at doing his share of the chores around the house, so i have it better than many wives i know. I’m not resentful when it’s my turn. Anyway, today i vow not to look at the urn. I’ll put my clothes in the washer, take the towels out of the dryer and be done with it. And i find it is better this time. I don’t feel like i’m being observed. I take the towels to our bedroom to fold. I hum to myself and think i’ll do some reading later. I stop mid-fold because i feel like i’m being watched. I’m the only one home. Well, besides our kitty, Clyde, and he’s asleep on the living room couch. There’s no one here, but there are definitely a pair of eyes watching. I look around again, and there’s Enid in her urn on my dresser. I can’t believe Steve put her there. I go over to pick her up and take her back to laundry. The urn feels warm!  I put it back. I’m not touching it again!  I’ll get Steve to take care of it today!  I go back to folding. Then i hear a voice. It’s Enid’s voice. She says.. you’re folding those wrong, Darla!

To be continued.. or not.

M. Raynes


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